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How to Make Your Own Magnetic Storage for Organizing Metal Dies

How to Make Your Own Magnetic Storage for Organizing Metal Dies
How to Make Your Own Magnetic Storage for Organizing Metal Dies No Gravatar

If you have different metal dies, thinlets and thin cuts from Spellbinders, Sizzix, Avery Elle, Mama Elephant, Simon Says Stamp, Close to My Heart, Stampin’ Up, etc. that you use in your Cuttlebug, Sizzix BigShot, Tim Holtz Vagabond, Anna Griffin, etc. die cutting machines, I can help you organize them!

When all of my dies are put away in drawers or hidden with their coordinating stamp sets, I forget about them. Part of the plan for my craft studio remodel was to store similar things together in stations. I watched some videos other crafters shared and got the idea from them. The video I made was to show you how I put my spin on it.

So, if yo’ve been looking for a way to remove your thin metal dies from their original envelopes and organize them on DIY chipboard-backed magnet material, this video will show you how!


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Remodeled Craft Studio!

Remodeled Craft Studio!
Remodeled Craft Studio! No Gravatar

Hi guys! Things have been a bit crazy these last few months because of the remodel. I sold or gave away my old furniture; refreshed a few pieces I kept; and redesigned the room to look more aesthetically pleasing. It took a lot of careful planning of each wall to get things the way I wanted them, and I’m thankful my husband helped make it all happen.

He took these pictures today (thanks, Dale!), but in my usual “tinkerer” fashion, I have already made a few changes to the layout of tools on the peg board and hung up some more pictures and Depeche Mode ephemera.

If you’d like to compare these with “before” pictures, here’s a link to my blog post about my craft studio before the makeover.

I may create a detailed video tour of the craft room (including what’s inside the cupboards and drawers) once I feel more finished. I’ll also be doing special video showing how I used VersaChalk‘s awesome premium chalk markers and chalkboard contact paper to label all those drawers and boxes. Until then – please enjoy the photos!

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 1

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 2

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 3

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 4

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 5

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 6

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 7

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 8

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 9

Thanks for checking out my craft room! Do you have a crafty space where you create? Please leave a comment below!


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VersaChalk’s Versatile Chalkboard Markers

VersaChalk’s Versatile Chalkboard Markers
VersaChalk’s Versatile Chalkboard Markers No Gravatar

Have you used chalkboard markers? I’ve tried a few different brands, and I have to say that VersaChalk‘s are the brightest and boldest I’ve ever used. I love them! Here’s a video I made to showcase some of the different types of canvases they’ll work on. Do you have any others to add to what I showed? How do you use chalkboard markers?


White board and galvanized tin

What's for Dinner chalkboard sign

Welcome Friends chalkboard sign

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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Depeche Mode LED Lamp

Depeche Mode LED Lamp
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Today, I’m featuring a very talented local (Portland, OR) artist’s work. I stumbled upon the Ardent Iron Works PDX Facebook page a few months ago and got in touch with Joel, the creative genius behind the name. I was drawn to his industrial lamps and when I saw a collection of LED-lit custom signs on his page, I knew I’d just found the perfect gift for my husband!

LED Lamps Custom Made in Portland - Ardent Iron Works PDX

There’s my lamp with all of it’s cousins!

We have a mutual love for the greatest band of all time, Depeche Mode, and I thought it would be awesome to have an LED lamp made for Dale with the infamous rose from DM’s “Violator” album. When I reached out to Joel and described what I was looking for, he did some research and came back to me with a design idea. I loved it! He immediately started the work for my special gift, made from the skeleton of an EXIT sign.

LED Lamps - Ardent Iron Works PDX

In early January, Joel let me know that my Depeche Mode gift had arrived, but it was the day Portland came to a halt, due to some surprise snow. Reluctantly, I had to wait for the streets to clear before I could pick it up, and when I did get over to the Ardent Iron Works studio, I was blown away by how perfect the finished product looked!! It was so exciting to see how an idea became a physical reality, much like my greeting cards.

I was so giddy and excited to present Dale with his gift, but since it was the only gift he was going to open on his birthday, he wanted to wait for the right time so he could savor the surprise. Speaking of “savor,” I think this bacon wrapping paper looks pretty savory! A friend sent me to the link to order bacon wrapping paper from the National Pork Board and I purchased some for Dale’s birthday.

Bacon Wrapping Paper

His reaction to his birthday gift was better than I could possibly have imagined!! He was sooooo full of joy and amazed! The best thing he said was, “This is the kind of gift I was supposed to find for YOU!!” He’s so loving and thoughtful and always goes out of his way to make me feel special. Once I powered up his light and started playing the Depeche Mode Violator album, he was able to see his new LED lamp in action. There are several different settings, but the best one is the setting that causes the D, M and rose to move with the music!! It also pulses if I clap, walk across the floor or speak. Over the past week that Dale’s owned it, he’s told me that he just loves to stare at the beautiful, mesmerizing lights.

DEPECHE MODE custom LED lamp - Ardent Iron Works PDX

He loved his gift - the DM lamp made by Ardent Iron Works PDX!

I’m so happy I met Joel through his equally cool wife, Tarah Pond. He allowed me to give my husband such an original, special gift. If you’d like to purchase one of these custom lamps, there were four Depeche Mode lamps made, which means there are three left. Please get in touch with Joe through his Ardent Iron Works PDX Facebook page. I know he’ll be happy to work with you! His customer service was excellent, and I am confident we’ll be customers again.

Here’s one of his awesome Seattle Seahawks LED lamps – check out the green turf in the front!!
Seattle Seahawks LED Lamp - Ardent Iron Works PDX

There are also these very cool Oregon Ducks and RIP CITY (Blazers) lamps! He’s always happy to make a custom lamp for his clients.
Oregon Ducks LED Lamp - Ardent Iron Works PDXRIP CITY LED Lamp - Ardent Iron Works PDX
By the way, I made Joel a black and red Violator rose “thank you” card, of course! 😉


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My Interview on Agent Caffeine

My Interview on Agent Caffeine
My Interview on Agent Caffeine No Gravatar

Today, April 6th, 2015 at 3 PM, I’ll be interviewed by my friend Kelly Mitchell, founder of Agent Caffeine. No, Agent Caffeine is not the name of a detective who frequents coffee shops. In the words of Kelly, Agent Caffeine is the real estate industry’s #1 webcast and podcast for innovation, best practices and strategy.

Secrets of Success with Evernote

Kelly and I have known each other through Twitter for a long time before we became real life friends. We probably started following each other when we were both selling real estate and I was new to Twitter in 2008. What really solidified our friendship was when Dale and I visited Hawaii in 2011. Kelly was there for us in a very difficult time and without hesitation, she stepped up to help us when our rental car was burglarized the day before we were going to fly home. That’s not what this post is about, but I just want to illustrate that if you’re fortunate to know Kelly & her husband Vince, you know that they are very giving, gracious, loving, helpful, wonderful, genuine people and I’m so thankful to know them!

I was so flattered when Kelly approached me a few months ago and said she’s love to have me on her show! The thought of it made me nervous, but also really honored and excited. I gave her a few different topic ideas and she went with Evernote. I love Evernote – it helps keep me and my thoughts organized! I love it so much, I’ve written a few classes about it and I’ve taught my Evernote classes close to 100 times. In my interview with Kelly, I barely scratch the surface with Evernote because there’s so much to say about it.

Please tune in today by going to Agent Caffeine Live at 3 PM Pacific. UPDATE: if you missed the interview, you may watch it here: Secrets of Success with Evernote or by clicking the image below.

Stephanie Chumbley Talks About Evernote - Agent Caffeine Episode 221


Secrets of Success with Evernote and Stephanie Chumbley


Around the time she asked me to be on her podcast / show, I made Kelly a housewarming gift I’ve had in the works (in my mind) for years, and I finally sent it to her. I plan to blog about it soon, but today’s post is about the card I made to accompany the gift:

Agent Caffeine Card

I found the JPEG image of her logo and converted it to a cut file for my Cricut Explore machine. Then, I designed the card and attached part of the image to the card so that it cut the mic out of the little card I’d made.

blog-Agent Caffeine mic

Then, I cut the silhouette of Kelly and her hat from sparkly black cardstock and carefully adhered it to the front of the card, and added a small panel of sparkly red cardstock behind the mic.

blog-Agent CaffeineI just adore my Cricut Explore machine. It allows me to imagine anything and then create it!! Well, I want to thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you’ll tune in today! 😀



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Social Media App Ornaments

Social Media App Ornaments
Social Media App Ornaments No Gravatar

I guess it’s Christmas in July since I’m blogging about the social networking iPhone app icon ornaments I made back in December of 2012. I meant to blog about these in early 2013, but time slipped away from me and today it seemed like the right time to share this post with you.

Social Media App Icon OrnamentsMaking ornaments or using craft foam were two things that weren’t on my radar at all when my friend Katie inspired me with something on Facebook. She shared a picture of some social media ornaments on her wall and said, “I totally need these for my office!!” I commented below with, I love those, too!! How cute!! I think I could make them and so could you, Katie!” It wasn’t long before our friend Debra private-messaged me and asked if she could pay me to make a set for Katie and a set for her. I liked the challenge, accepted it, and shopped for my material so I could come up with a price for the secret project. Once everything was agreed upon, I got to work and just figured out how these were made. I had never worked with craft foam and discovered how fun it is to cut, but also how tricky it can be. One dent from a finger nail tip and the foam is not good enough to use.

I looked at images of the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Foursquare iPhone app icons and printed them to approximately 3″ x 3″ and then proceeded to cut out certain elements of the icons with a craft knife. I traced the cut-outs onto the craft foam and carefully cut around them for each ornament. I found that using Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue works well for creating these ornaments.

iPhone App Icon Ornaments

One set of social media app icon ornaments Once Katie received her surprise in the mail, she shared this:

Katie LanceKatie is very influential in the social networking platforms – especially across the national real estate agent community. After the cat was out of the bag, word got out and I was approached by an acquaintance who is the creator of one of the well-known REALTOR conferences. He asked me to give him a quote for ten sets, gift-wrapped and mailed to real estate speakers all across the country. I agreed and got to work! I shared a picture on Instagram and as the word got out, I collected several more orders! It was an accidental success and I think I made a total of 105 app ornaments.

The ornament factoryI also made a few of these limited edition Klout app icon ornaments for a few friends.

Klout app icon ornamentsIsn’t it cute on the Christmas tree?

Klout app icon ornament on a Christmas treeIf you are interested in getting a price quote and placing an order, please leave a comment below and I will get in touch with you.

iPhone App Icon Ornaments

Photo Jul 25, 11 13 33 PMThanks for reading my blog!

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Golf Word Collage

Golf Word Collage
Golf Word Collage No Gravatar

This is the next one in a series of four canvases I made as Christmas gifts for my husband’s family last December.

My brother-in-law is an excellent golfer and he’s very passionate about his all-time favorite sport. My husband and I can’t help but think of his sister’s husband whenever we see something golf-related. When I discovered that my Cricut Word Collage cartridge had a golf lover’s word collage, I just HAD to make a special piece of art for him as one of his Christmas gifts.

Golf Word CollageIf you want to learn how I made this collage, please look at this blog post: NYC Word Collage. It has the steps listed so that you can make your own canvas wall art!

Another view of the golf word collage

Here is another view of the 8″ x 10″ canvas art I made for him. The cute green chevron paper came from the Chevron Paper Pack from Hobby Lobby and it’s a must-have if you’re into chevrons.

Golf Word Collage made with the Cricut Expression machineThanks for reading my blog!

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Flower Word Collage

Flower Word Collage
Flower Word Collage No Gravatar

Last Christmas, I made word collage wall art for my husband’s family. Today I’d like to show you the word collage I made for his Grandma. She loves flowers and she’s especially talented with nurturing orchids and keeping them alive. Her house is always nice and warm, which is what orchids need to survive.

Flower Word Collage

I used the Cricut Word Collage and my Cricut Expression machine, along with brown vinyl. To see how I made it, please read the instructions in my NYC Word Collage blog post. Needless to say, Dale’s grandma loved her handmade Christmas gift and I felt happy making another custom gift for her.

Word Collage made of Flower NamesThanks for reading my blog!

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NYC Word Collage

NYC Word Collage
NYC Word Collage No Gravatar

My brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in the heart of New York City, just a block from Times Square. How’s THAT for a cool place to live? A year ago or so, when visiting home, my husband’s brother brought me some NYC maps, Broadway show flyers, menus and other goodies from The Big Apple. I don’t think he imagined I’d turn them into crafts for him, but I did! I used a map of New York City and used Mod Podge to attach it carefully to an 8″ x 10″ canvas. It was just one of the pieces of art I made for Dale’s family last Christmas.

Close-Up of the NYC Canvas ArtHere’s how I made the gift: I took a blank 8″ x 10″ canvas and applied a thin layer of Mod Podge with a foam brush. Then, I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of the map and while everything was still wet, I placed the canvas face-down onto the back of the map. The trick to getting Mod Podge to stick is to attach a wet surface to another wet surface. Then, I folded the rest of the map around the four sides and attached and trimmed the map and let it dry for 30+ minutes. You could do the same thing with scrapbook paper.

NYC Borough Word CollageThe next step was that I used the Cricut Word Collage and selected the New York collage image. I didn’t need to use software to do this, but when I cut vinyl, I like someone else to figure out the ideal speed and pressure for my machine. I made this project in December, before the Cricut Explore and Design Space existed, so I used my Cricut Expression machine and Cricut Design Studio to determine the proper size for cutting this project from black vinyl. Once it was cut, I weeded away the extra scrap I wouldn’t use and carefully applied the vinyl words to my dry canvas with transfer tape. Once any bubbles were smoothed out, I applied three layers of Mod Podge, allowing at least 30 minutes between each coat.

NYC Word Collage / Canvas Wall Art

The final step was spraying the finished canvas with a sealant. I sprayed this outdoors and let the canvas air out for a few minutes before bringing it inside to cure for at least 24 hours. Since I was mailing this (along with their other gifts) across the country in the dead of winter, I let the canvas cure for a few extra days. I wanted to ensure it was very well set and wouldn’t stick to the tissue paper and gift wrap.

NYC Word CollageThanks for reading my blog!

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How to Save Pinterest Pins to Evernote

How to Save Pinterest Pins to Evernote
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Hey crafters! I’m putting down the paper and scissors for a moment to bring you this this blog post.
Do you use Pinterest? How about Evernote? I started using Pinterest three years ago when a friend invited me during its beta phase and it’s become part of my daily life. Like many of you, I pin great ideas for later and I really enjoy trying new things I’ve found on Pinterest. Two years ago, a friend and I threw a Pinterest Potluck Party and everyone had to make a recipe they’d found and pinned on Pinterest. It was a delicious good time!
Today I’d like to show you what I do to get those good ideas into a place where I can use them. Before I became a daily Evernote user, I used to open up recipes in Pinterest on my iPad and it would keep going to sleep and lock while I was cooking. Not fun! Sure, I could change the settings to keep the iPad from sleeping unless I pushed the Sleep/Wake button, but I didn’t want to do that. I reloaded the previously installed Evernote Food app back onto my tablet and with some tinkering, it has become my go-to app for cooking. It’s my digital recipe book! In this post, I’ll show you the steps I take for getting pins to Evernote, where they’re archived, editable, and accessible on or off-line. I’ll be using recipes as my example, but if you don’t like to cook then just apply these steps to your Pinterest board of scrapbook layouts or something.
First, I visit Pinterest’s website on my computer. Then, I view my pins and boards and select the one with the pins I want to pull into Evernote to save.
Pinterest Yum Board
Next, I click on a pin, then I click the image to open the original website in a new tab.
Salted Triple Caramel Cupcakes - recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction

Salted Triple Caramel Cupcakes – recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Then, I come back to this page again and click the X at the top right or click to left of the pin to get back to my board.

I repeat this with another pin, and another, until I have several open tabs.

Lots of Tabs
Finally, I click on each tab and review the blog posts. Is it just a photo without a recipe? Right-click the image and select “Add to Evernote” if you’re on a PC. Is the blog post on a noisy page with a bunch of ads? Use Evernote Web Clipper or Evernote Clearly to select just the article. Clearly is smart enough to know I want recipes clipped to my Recipe notebook in Evernote.
I use both web clippers with Firefox because sometimes Evernote Web Clipper grabs the entire page, ads and all. That’s when I use Evernote Clearly to clean things up, but sometimes the pictures disappear when I use Clearly. When that happens, I revert back to the original blog post to select and copy the selection of the post I want. After I paste it into a new note in Evernote, I also copy the URL I grabbed it from and save the original source info in the note. I like to have the original source of my recipes so I can give credit to the blogger if I mention the recipe somewhere, and it’s nice to revisit the original post to see any updates or helpful comments that may have been posted below.
You may notice that some of the images you’ve pinned take you to websites where someone re-blogged the original post from another website. When that happens and you only see a portion of the original blog post, click through to the original site to clip the recipe. I’ll often re-pin the recipe from the REAL author, or I will edit the link to reflect the correct URL on my pin. I’m kind of a purist that way.
Then I close all the tabs and repeat with more pins until I’ve beefed up my Evernote account with shiny new notes! I build my meal plans for the week in Evernote, so I like having all the recipes right there in the program for me to link to and easily search. It’s also helpful for crafts because I can look at the inspiration for card-making anytime, wherever I am!
The final step in this journey to organizing my new notes is to clean up each note, edit the title, tag it and move it to the proper notebook if it didn’t go there automatically. I don’t need step-by-step photos for most of the recipes I clip. I just want one good photo, ingredients and instructions. I like to read the commentary once, and then remove it for my digital recipe collection.
When I’m ready to cook, I can access recipes in the Evernote app on my phone, tablet or computer. I like opening Evernote Food for the iPad because it pulls in everything from my Recipes notebook and it keeps the iPad constantly on so I don’t get the surface messy with my fingers.This is how recipes display as thumbnail snippets on the iPad:
Recipes in the iPad Evernote App

Recipes in the iPad Evernote App

This is the beautiful way Evernote Food displays each recipe thumbnail:
Evernote Food

Evernote Food

Evernote is free, but if you’d like to create a new account and try Evernote Premium FREE for 30 days, click: Get Evernote Now. That’s a special link that gives you and I 30 days of Premium free, with no credit card info needed.
Thanks for reading my blog post. If you found this helpful, please pin and share it! 🙂
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