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Remodeled Craft Studio!

Remodeled Craft Studio!
Remodeled Craft Studio! No Gravatar

Hi guys! Things have been a bit crazy these last few months because of the remodel. I sold or gave away my old furniture; refreshed a few pieces I kept; and redesigned the room to look more aesthetically pleasing. It took a lot of careful planning of each wall to get things the way I wanted them, and I’m thankful my husband helped make it all happen.

He took these pictures today (thanks, Dale!), but in my usual “tinkerer” fashion, I have already made a few changes to the layout of tools on the peg board and hung up some more pictures and Depeche Mode ephemera.

If you’d like to compare these with “before” pictures, here’s a link to my blog post about my craft studio before the makeover.

I may create a detailed video tour of the craft room (including what’s inside the cupboards and drawers) once I feel more finished. I’ll also be doing special video showing how I used VersaChalk‘s awesome premium chalk markers and chalkboard contact paper to label all those drawers and boxes. Until then – please enjoy the photos!

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 1

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 2

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 3

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 4

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 5

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 6

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 7

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 8

Cards By Stephanie Craft Studio 9

Thanks for checking out my craft room! Do you have a crafty space where you create? Please leave a comment below!


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How to Save Pinterest Pins to Evernote

How to Save Pinterest Pins to Evernote
How to Save Pinterest Pins to Evernote No Gravatar
Hey crafters! I’m putting down the paper and scissors for a moment to bring you this this blog post.
Do you use Pinterest? How about Evernote? I started using Pinterest three years ago when a friend invited me during its beta phase and it’s become part of my daily life. Like many of you, I pin great ideas for later and I really enjoy trying new things I’ve found on Pinterest. Two years ago, a friend and I threw a Pinterest Potluck Party and everyone had to make a recipe they’d found and pinned on Pinterest. It was a delicious good time!
Today I’d like to show you what I do to get those good ideas into a place where I can use them. Before I became a daily Evernote user, I used to open up recipes in Pinterest on my iPad and it would keep going to sleep and lock while I was cooking. Not fun! Sure, I could change the settings to keep the iPad from sleeping unless I pushed the Sleep/Wake button, but I didn’t want to do that. I reloaded the previously installed Evernote Food app back onto my tablet and with some tinkering, it has become my go-to app for cooking. It’s my digital recipe book! In this post, I’ll show you the steps I take for getting pins to Evernote, where they’re archived, editable, and accessible on or off-line. I’ll be using recipes as my example, but if you don’t like to cook then just apply these steps to your Pinterest board of scrapbook layouts or something.
First, I visit Pinterest’s website on my computer. Then, I view my pins and boards and select the one with the pins I want to pull into Evernote to save.
Pinterest Yum Board
Next, I click on a pin, then I click the image to open the original website in a new tab.
Salted Triple Caramel Cupcakes - recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction

Salted Triple Caramel Cupcakes – recipe by Sally’s Baking Addiction

Then, I come back to this page again and click the X at the top right or click to left of the pin to get back to my board.

I repeat this with another pin, and another, until I have several open tabs.

Lots of Tabs
Finally, I click on each tab and review the blog posts. Is it just a photo without a recipe? Right-click the image and select “Add to Evernote” if you’re on a PC. Is the blog post on a noisy page with a bunch of ads? Use Evernote Web Clipper or Evernote Clearly to select just the article. Clearly is smart enough to know I want recipes clipped to my Recipe notebook in Evernote.
I use both web clippers with Firefox because sometimes Evernote Web Clipper grabs the entire page, ads and all. That’s when I use Evernote Clearly to clean things up, but sometimes the pictures disappear when I use Clearly. When that happens, I revert back to the original blog post to select and copy the selection of the post I want. After I paste it into a new note in Evernote, I also copy the URL I grabbed it from and save the original source info in the note. I like to have the original source of my recipes so I can give credit to the blogger if I mention the recipe somewhere, and it’s nice to revisit the original post to see any updates or helpful comments that may have been posted below.
You may notice that some of the images you’ve pinned take you to websites where someone re-blogged the original post from another website. When that happens and you only see a portion of the original blog post, click through to the original site to clip the recipe. I’ll often re-pin the recipe from the REAL author, or I will edit the link to reflect the correct URL on my pin. I’m kind of a purist that way.
Then I close all the tabs and repeat with more pins until I’ve beefed up my Evernote account with shiny new notes! I build my meal plans for the week in Evernote, so I like having all the recipes right there in the program for me to link to and easily search. It’s also helpful for crafts because I can look at the inspiration for card-making anytime, wherever I am!
The final step in this journey to organizing my new notes is to clean up each note, edit the title, tag it and move it to the proper notebook if it didn’t go there automatically. I don’t need step-by-step photos for most of the recipes I clip. I just want one good photo, ingredients and instructions. I like to read the commentary once, and then remove it for my digital recipe collection.
When I’m ready to cook, I can access recipes in the Evernote app on my phone, tablet or computer. I like opening Evernote Food for the iPad because it pulls in everything from my Recipes notebook and it keeps the iPad constantly on so I don’t get the surface messy with my fingers.This is how recipes display as thumbnail snippets on the iPad:
Recipes in the iPad Evernote App

Recipes in the iPad Evernote App

This is the beautiful way Evernote Food displays each recipe thumbnail:
Evernote Food

Evernote Food

Evernote is free, but if you’d like to create a new account and try Evernote Premium FREE for 30 days, click: Get Evernote Now. That’s a special link that gives you and I 30 days of Premium free, with no credit card info needed.
Thanks for reading my blog post. If you found this helpful, please pin and share it! 🙂
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Welcome to My Craft Studio

Welcome to My Craft Studio
Welcome to My Craft Studio No Gravatar

I don’t know about you, but I love to see the craft rooms and studios of others because it helps provide organizational ideas, and I could always be more organized. I’ve moved several times and each time I’ve had an opportunity to redesign my craft room. The home we’re in now has – by far – the very best craft space I’ve ever had. After spending countless hours drawing floor plans on the iPad with Penultimate and then making small cut-outs of my furniture (to scale) and playing with where things would go, I finally had the perfect floor plan! I was excited to discover that I had room for an island in the middle of the room. Sometimes I prefer to stand when I’m stamping, cutting, or need a break from sitting. It’s also great to have additional horizontal space for incomplete projects AND it’s wonderful for inviting others over to craft!

I could have waited until I felt the room was 100% done, but I decided that I’m fine with sharing it the way it looks right now as I sit in this room. Sure, I have ideas for touching up the paint, adding some more art on the walls and adding pegboard behind the desktops, but I don’t want to wait until all that is done. We creative types are known for tearing things down and redoing them or rearranging things until they’re perfect. For now, this room is perfect for me. So, let me take you on a trip to my crafty oasis… my craft room… my craft studio… the place where Cards By Stephanie’s creations are lovingly crafted!

This is how the room looks as you enter my magical crafting space.

The Craft Studio The desk on the left is for crafting and the Cost Plus World market desk on the right is where another friend can craft, but it’s where I keep my computer and printer so it’s often where I compute. I’ll show more pictures of the craft island in a moment, but I want to point out that there is space for storage under there. I keep my empty containers that house craft supplies when I go to a crop to craft with others.

The Craft Studio

Hanging above the window are several special cards and mementos from friends. I don’t have any of my own art hanging up there because I give away or sell just about everything I make. You can see my paper tower, Cricut station and my crafting island in the picture. I love how spacious the room is! Finally, I can have up to three friends come over to craft with me!The Craft Studio

This is the wall that the door is on. There are shelves with special things and some closet built-ins that were already there. I’m storing paper, embellishments and all sorts of things inside them. Why do I have skirts and t-shirts hanging in this room? Well, there was a clothes-hanging bar there and not everything fit in the master closet, so as unsightly as it may be, it’s where I’m storing some seldom-used clothes. On the floor there’s my speaker tower that plays music from my iPod and on the floor is something I made at a friend’s Paint Night party. I really don’t know what to do with it. The red flames look like a giant garlic clove, an onion, or something other than fire.

The Craft Studio

Aren’t those plates cute? They go with the color theme in the room and I found them at Ikea.Their official name is “GRÄDDIG Wall decoration, set of 3, button, assorted patterns.” The wardrobe storage units on the left are full of craft supplies and they’re from Ikea’s PAX line, circa the late 2000s.

The Craft Studio

Here’s the rest of the room. You’ll notice I have a lot of “soft friends,” as I call them. I’m not looking to acquire any more stuffed critters, but these have all been lovingly given to me throughout my life and my whole craft studio is full of sentimental things others have given me. They make me smile when I look up and see them because there’s a story associated with each one.

The Craft Studio

The wall seems to go on for days to meet up with that vaulted ceiling! The room had no lights, so we installed Ikea lights and shades with hooks in the ceiling. Now there is plenty of light when I need it!

The Craft Studio

What’s kept inside the cubbies of that craft island, you ask – well, I’ll show you. I keep my 8.5″ x 11″ paper in magazine holders and I have boxes of projects or little kits I’ve made to keep all of one type of project together. If I’m working on social media app ornaments, I grab the box with the contents inside. Working with rub-ons? I grab that box. I also have a couple of containers of in-progress cards and projects to complete. I also store my current Close to My Heart catalogs here so I know where they are when a customer requests one.

Craft Island

The other side of the craft island has some ribbon, current Close to My Heart embellishments, washi tape, embroidery floss, embellishments, Copic and ZIG markers, my distressing tools, Close to My Heart pigment ink pads, retired CTMH catalogs, Cricut vinyl, Cuttlebug accessories and my Cuttlebug and Tim Holtz Vagabond machine. I LOVE this island. I had pinned several ideas for craft islands my husband Dale could build, but when Fred Meyer had all Closet Maid products on sale for half price on Black Friday, we picked up two of the nine-cubical organizers for the island. A few weeks later, we found the table tops for only $5.99 each at Ikea! This awesome craft island cost about $60-65, which was much cheaper than building something from scratch. It was near-instant gratification! It’s the perfect height, around 36″ tall.Craft Island

I love these ribbon carousels for my American Crafts ribbon. You can find them at Hobby Lobby stores and at Amazon.

Cropper Hopper Wire Ribbon Carousel

I built this Closet Maid shelf (that was 50% off the day after Thanksgiving) to hold some of my favorite photos and mementos from friends and beloved grandparents. My husband made me that really cool picture frame! He is a man of MANY talents.Display shelf

Right above my crafting space are my Close to My Heart acrylic stamps in an easy-to-reach location. I’ll be making future craft videos by placing my iPhone or iPad on the shelf where the stamps are. That way the camera will point down directly at my craft space.CTMH Acrylic Stamps

This is another Closet Maid shelf I built. It holds my Stickles (glitter glue) and other types of liquid adhesive and stamp pad re-inkers. Someday I will decorate the chalkboard on the left. I want to paint the frame and decorate it with flowers and buttons. My shelf of adhesives

This bulletin board is full of some of my favorite things, mementos, photos and key chains. It sits to the left of my craft space where I can get inspiration or a smile.

My bulletin board

Finally, here are the cards and special things strung above the window on a zip line thing from Ikea. Like I mentioned, I didn’t make these things but special people in my life made or gave them to me.Cards from friends

Cards from friends

Cards from friends

Cards from friendsThank you for touring my craft studio! I hope it’s given you ideas and inspiration for your crafty space. This blog post is dedicated with love to my favorite cousin, Mandy-Mo.

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A Leopard Print Birthday

A Leopard Print Birthday
A Leopard Print Birthday No Gravatar

Today’s card was inspired by one I saw on Pinterest and just had to re-create for my darling friend Debra. The leopard print paper and black ribbon just reminded me of her classy style and it complimented the Eiffel Towel earrings my husband made for her birthday. It’s fun to send surprise packages in the mail.

blog - happy birthday leopard print
If I recall, it was a folded 4.25″ x 4.25″ card I made with some cardstock that was white on the inside and slightly shimmery black on the outside. I had some fun leopard print paper I cut down to 3.75″ square and adhered it to the card. Then I used my Cricut Expression and the Cricut cartridge from the Cricut® Artiste Collection to cut a crisp oval from 12″ X 12″ White Daisy Cardstock and a slightly larger oval out of my 12″ X 12″ Black Cardstock. Next, I used a stamped from the Casual Expressions stamp set to stamp the sentiment on the white oval with my Black Exclusive Inks® Stamp Pad. Then, I adhered some pretty, ribbed black ribbon and used my Non-Stick Micro-Tip Scissors to snip the edge decoratively.
blog - leopard print birthday card
I attached the oval shapes together and used double-sided foam adhesive to pop the shape off the page. Then I attached some elements from the Base & Bling Floral Accents collection to the card to add some bling – Debra loves bling, but in a classy, not too over-the-top way.
blog - happy birthday oval
Thank you for reading my blog post!
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So in Love

So in Love
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One year ago today, my boyfriend (now my husband) completely took me by surprise and proposed to me on stage at Real Estate BarCamp in Nashville, TN! We were part of a panel of REALTORS® answering questions from our dear friend Brian Copeland about how we use technology in our real estate business and at the end of 90 minutes or so, Dale got the last question. He took a long time answering it and transitioned it into my marriage proposal! He even had the song “Somebody” by Depeche Mode play on the speakers overhead. Depeche Mode is our favorite band and that song is essentially about longing for one’s “Somebody” or soul-mate. My husband and I were truly meant to be together! Here is the video below, and then I’ll get on to the card I made for him today!

This is the card I made for him today. We love the song “So in Love” by OMD, but that song doesn’t have anything to do with the card. 🙂

blog-So In Love

These are the products I used to make this card, which was inspired by a gorgeous card I saw on Pinterest! What’s coincidental is the woman who created the card that inspired mine is from Tennessee, where we were engaged.

blog-So in Love Tools Used

These are the clear stamp sets I used: C1480 (retired) from the Roxy “Workshop on the Go” by Close to My Heart, Pink Paislee’s Butterfly Garden Collection – Expressions No. 14 and Glitz’s “Laced with Grace.”blog-Stamps Used in So in Love Card

I stamped the heart and added some shading with my colored pencil, then cut it out and inked the edges. I also stamped the rose frame and colored the roses with colored pencils. I would have done a better coloring job if I wasn’t trying to make this card while my husband was out. I was on a tight time crunch to get this done!

blog-So In Love Close-Up

I stamped kraft paper with the background stamp and then stamped over it with another ink color. I used my sponge dauber to distress the edges with brown ink, and added bitty brads to the corners after cutting and layering the pieces.

blog-Corner of So in Love

I made the lacy piece by punching one side of craft paper and then turned it over to punch the other side. I distressed both sides with ink and then adhered my ribbon to Paper Here is another view of the card. I hope it’s not too feminine for him with the hearts and roses, but I think he’ll like the aged look of the card.

blog-So In Love Card

Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to hug your sweetie tightly tonight – once you find the right one, each moment is a precious blessing.

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‘Hello’ Snail Button Card

‘Hello’ Snail Button Card
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This is a card I made last Spring that was inspired by a cute card I saw on Pinterest.  My friend, Angela Bodas, pinned this cute snail card and  I had owned but never used that stamp set, so I was happy to see something cute to make with it.  I used my Close to My Heart brand “Art Philosophy” Cricut cartridge to cut this large stamp shape from green cardstock and then I cut the shape again on white cardstock and scored the top so that when they were adhered together, it formed a card.

"Hello" Button Snail Card

“Hello” Button Snail Card

I used the same Cricut cartridge to cut the white shape and the green shape behind it and then stamped the little snail fella with my Stampin’ Up! stamp.  I wrote “hello!” and attached a button I’d threaded with embroidery floss and attached everything together onto my square paper.  I inked the paper’s edges and attached some paper ribbon.
blog-Button and Brads
Before sticking the square part down, I poked two decorative brads through the paper so that the little brad “legs” wouldn’t show through to the inside of the card when opened.


Thanks for reading my blog!

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