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Father’s Day Tool Kit Card

Father’s Day Tool Kit Card
Father’s Day Tool Kit Card No Gravatar

Circuit Design Space Tool Kit Card for Fathers Day

Hey, papercrafters! Are any of you thinking of making the really cute tool kit card featured in Cricut Design Space? Well, I’ve got some tips for you because I call the card instructions “a real head-scratcher.” It makes me wonder if anyone from Cricut actually made the card that a clever papercrafter submitted to them, or if they just uploaded the design and called it good. I tell ya, unless I’m really incoherent, the project doesn’t exactly match the beautiful finished product you see in Design Space!

This is going to get kind of technical, so if you’re just here to look at the card, you may want to skip reading this post and just look at the photos. 😉

For my fellow Cricuteers using the Cricut Explore One or Cricut Explore Air, let’s dig in!

The instructions say to determine the size of your card and that the card in the cute project measures 4″ x 6″. This may be where I got lost because I thought it was saying that unless you make adjustments, your card will also be 4″ x 6″. My finished card – and this is no big deal – is 4 3/8″ x 6 1/2.” That’s the size it was without making size adjustments. The big deal was that the materials it called for were wrong.

If you’re going to make this card using the supplies recommended, you’ll need to size down the whole project, but I don’t have the actual sizes for you because I am only making this card once!

First of all, the materials needed call for a 12″ x 12″ standard cutting mat. NOPE. Also, only 12″ x 12″ cardstock is called for. DOUBLE NOPE.

When looking at the project in “Design” view, I couldn’t tell if the black cardstock inside the toolbox was supposed to be one long piece, or several little pieces because they were grouped together totaling 6.5″ x 13.1.” This means I needed to use my 12″ x 24″ mat and I don’t have any colorful or black cardstock larger than standard 12″ x 12″, so I had to buy white poster paper and COLOR IT.

You can’t just click “MAKE IT NOW” and have it work out unless you have the 12″ x 24″ mat and goldenrod and black cardstock that are at least 11″ x 13.5″. You have to make adjustments.

If you don’t resize this card before cutting it, then ungroup it so you can adjust the pieces. Duplicate the black rectangular pieces that line the toolbox card so you have 5 of them and use the “Hide Contour” button to hide the extra panels so that you have just 5 free-floating pieces. That way, they won’t require that you use extra-long black cardstock!

The goldenrod toolbox is 10.8″ x 13.1″ unless you resize the whole project. I couldn’t find goldenrod paper that was larger than 12″ x 12″, so I cut it on white poster paper and colored it until my Copic markers ran dry. I wasn’t prepared for the volume of ink this would use, or I would have bought wide nib Copic markers.

In order to get some of the parts to cut on actual black or goldenrod cardstock, I adjust the color of the goldenrod box and the black panels in the settings. I made them slightly different shades of those colors so I could trick the program into suggesting the black pieces go on two mats and the goldenrods also go on two mats.

Here are some screen shots of my different mats and how I adjusted things. I didn’t bother to cut an envelope. I have so many envelopes in various sizes that I rarely make my own envelopes. This card fit in a 5.25″ x 7.25″ envelope from my stash.

Cricut Design Space Fathers Day Tool Kit Card

Here are the pictures of my card.

Opening the Fathers Day Toolkit Card

Was I supposed to tape the measuring tape to itself? What do I do with the three paper tool pieces – throw them inside the card?

Inside of Fathers Day Toolbox Card

What are these flaps all about? Do they go inside or outside? If I glued them in place, like I originally thought, I’d see them through the black panels on the inside or outside. Are they really necessary? I didn’t glue them down, but when the car opens, they hug the outside of the card and cover the striped panels.

Side of the Toolbox Card


Tool Box Fathers Day Card front and back

I colored some of the extra paper pieces (tools) and glued them to the envelope. I used a silver marker to add some dots that turned tow of the tools into letter “D” shapes. It may be hard to see the silver “nails” in the picture, but it spells DAD.

Tool Kit Card and Tool Socks

Dad loved his other gifts, and especially his tool socks and tool kit card!

Tool Kit Card and Tool Socks

I wrote this post to help other paper crafters, and before I assembled my card, I searched online for a post like this. Now it’s here for anyone else who was in the same pickle as me! If you have any suggestions for what to do with those side flaps, please let me know!

Thanks for reading my blog, and Happy Father’s Day!

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Faith Shines Bright

Faith Shines Bright
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Happy Easter! I’m taking this year off, as far as Easter cards go. I made two gift card holders for my step-teens’ Easter gifts, but other than that, I just couldn’t find the time to finish making cards. Sorry, family and close friends who usually get holiday cards from me!

Today I attended a memorial service for a dear, special friend. Other than my wonderful dad, I strongly believe he’s the greatest man I had the privilege to know and care about. There were a few pressing reasons I needed to craft cards for: a sympathy card, a few birthday cards and this card I’m featuring today. Last Sunday, one of our Deacons stepped up to the position of Elder in our church and I wanted to make him a special card to show my appreciation!

Faith Shines Bright

I’m still on an airbrush kick! I love to make cards with my Copic marker airbrush system. For this card, I used a retired Stamp of the Month stamp set from Close to My Heart, called S1311 Illuminate, and stamped it onto Colonial White Cardstock. Next, I used 4 Copic markers and airbrushed the background, making the lantern the brightest part of my card.


I attached it to folded yellow cardstock and snugly fit some black ribbon beside it. I added a few finishing touches, like Bitty Sparkles to represent twinkling stars in the sky and a yellow gem to represent the lantern bulb.
LampOn the inside, I stamped this sentiment from the stamp set. Here’s a tip: when using Scripture, it’s a good idea to double-check the Bible and make sure the sentiment you’re stamping is from the correct passage. I was glad to see Psalm 119:105 was the right passage quoted.

Psalm 119:105

I enjoyed making this card, and our newest Elder appreciated it, too.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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My First Two Airbrushed Cards

My First Two Airbrushed Cards
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I’m so happy to announce I’m now Certified by Copic! I hold the Standard and the Intermediate Copic Papercrafting Certifications, the only two offered by Copic. Last week I completed all my training and was certified to demonstrate, teach or just use the techniques for my papercrafts. Taking these classes were “bucket list” items I’ve dreamed of doing for seven years, so it feels really good to have done something special like this.
My Copic Papercrafting Certifications
    It was so much fun spending two full days coloring and shading with Copic markers. If you’re not familiar with the brand Copic or how to pronounce it, it sounds like “Ko – Pick” and not “Cop – ick.” Back in 2008, I invested in a set of Copic Ciao markers and I got the other set as a gift a year ago, but I didn’t use them as often as I intended. The reason for taking these two classes was to become better at using my investment of colorful markers. Sure, I used alcohol markers in high school AP art and college, but I had forgotten a lot of techniques I’d learned. It all came back to me when I was re-learning how to use alcohol markers in my Copic classes.
    In Junior High, my art teacher was a talented and well-known airbrush artist and I was fortunate enough to get to learn how to airbrush… but then I forgot most of it because I don’t think I airbrushed again after the 9th grade. Last week, I got to try the Copic airbrush with a compressor and I was hooked! No, I’m not going to turn into an airbrushing graffiti artist – I just enjoy airbrushing backgrounds and quickly changing the color of white embellishments and ribbon. It was pretty special marrying two art mediums I learned to use in public schools: an airbrush and alcohol markers!
    After class, they sold the Copic airbrush system at a ridiculously low, below-wholesale price and I was thankful to be one of the lucky 4 to buy one.
    So, here are the first two cards I’ve made with my new airbrush system. I used three colors on both cards.
Airbrushed Depeche Mode Violator Rose Card
    In this card, I cut the cardstock down to size; airbrushed the background; stamped up the iconic Depeche Mode rose from the 1990 “Violator” album; loosely doodled a frame around the edge with a black Copic Multiliner pen; then mounted it onto dark red cardstock.
    For this guy card below, I wanted to closely match the Seattle Mariners team colors, so after laying down a chevron stencil on the cardstock and airbrushing the 3 colors, I lined the bottom of the chevrons with a silver marker. Then, I stamped the Close to My Heart sentiment; attached the ribbon and buckle; mounted it on silver paper; adhered it to the blue card; then added the Close to My Heart sticker embellishment and gemstones.
What do you think? Do you like the airbrushed backgrounds?
Up Close Thank You
Details of Chevron Card
Thanks for reading my blog!
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Nice Mustache

Nice Mustache
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Last month, I had the pleasure of seeing my favorite Aussie, Peter Brewer, when he flew to San Francisco to speak at a real estate conference we both attended!

Peter Brewer - photo by Nate Ellis

Peter Brewer – photo by Nate Ellis

If I had time, I would create a special card for every friend of mine, but that’s just not feasible. So, when I knew I was going to see him and his famous mustache, I wanted to make him a card.Hey, man... nice 'stache.The pictures look dark to me, but I any filter I put on the photo changed the colors drastically, so I left all the photos untouched without a filter.

Mustache cardI am often inspired by popular songs and pop culture, so I probably got the phrase, “Hey man, nice ‘stache” from the Filter song “Hey Man, Nice Shot.” It was easy to pull this card together because I’d designed it in my head first. Using paper from DCWV “The Guy Stack” cardstock and my Cricut Explore, I cut the mustache and had the machine write my phrase with a pen.

Hey, man... nice 'stache!When my husband and I got into town, we discovered Peter and Tara were having dinner near our hotel, so we stopped in and surprised them. It was nice to hand The Mustached One his card before the fast-paced conference week began.

Peter loved his card!Hurray for friends!

Photo Aug 20, 12 51 22 PM Peter approved of this mustache card.

Nice 'stache!Thanks for reading my blog!

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Mini Album for Father’s Day 2014

Mini Album for Father’s Day 2014
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As papercrafty as I am, I’ve never made my parents much more than a drawing, card, paper flowers or one piece of canvas art. I make them lots of cards, but I’ve never made a scrapbook for them. I’m a reluctant scrapbooker who prefers to make mini albums over traditional scrapbooks.

My parents gave me a wonderful childhood and I have a lot of special memories from growing up. Over the last year or so, I made a list of memories involving my dad because I knew I wanted to make some sort of mixed media collage or mini album showcasing those memories as a gift for Dad’s Day 2014. I sketched out a few ideas in the Penultimate iPad app and decided a mini album was the way to go.

I made the mini album using Cricut Design Space, my Cricut Explore, a stamp from the Take Note stamp set (that comes with the Close to My Heart Cricut® Artbooking Collection), the retired CTMH “Victory” paper packet, a holographic post card I bought from the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington DC, old U.S. pennies, a little metal hacksaw embellishment, brads, stickers, Liquid Glass and Durables: Triangle Studs. Father's Day Mini Album The box was made with CTMH 12″ X 12″ Kraft Cardstock and shapes I found in Cricut Design Space. I think the box was from the Cricut® Artbooking Collection and the embellishment on the front was a free Father’s Day cut from Cricut. The notebook paper was cut with the Cricut and the Cricut® Artbooking cartridge. Father's Day 2014 Mini Album - Card and Gift Box made with the Cricut and the CTMH Artbooking cartridge I visited my parents for an early Father’s Day so I could spend time with them and give Dad his gift in person. Needless to say, he loved his card-gift! My hair looks weird here, but it’s because it’s in long layers and only part of my hair is showing. Can you see the love in our eyes? 🙂

Dad and me

Dad and me

It was fun revisiting the memories from my childhood, but I told him it could have been a better scrapbook-card if I had photos to copy, print and use. All the photos from growing up belong to my parents and the photos are scattered in bankers boxes at their house. I’ve wanted to revisit the old photos, but I live hours away from home and the pictures aren’t organized, so I can’t easily find what I am looking for.

We ended up having an impromptu weekend project where we scattered photos all over their living room floor and we sorted them by year! Then, they were put into corresponding manila file folders. Once we have them sorted by year, they can be scanned, saved, and named properly. They will be stored in the cloud so family can access the pictures.

As we worked together on this project, I couldn’t help but think of lyrics to the Pet Shop Boys “Being Boring” song. The line in my head was, “I came across a cache of old photos and invitations to teenage parties…” Like many people, my head is a jukebox that connects words and moments into songs.

BACK TO MY CARD-BOOK-GIFT: So, here are some pictures of that project I made for my dad, the first man I ever loved and still love very much.

Custom Father's Day Gift Box Made with the Cricut

Custom Father’s Day Gift Box Made with the Cricut

Here’s what’s inside the mini album. I am not sharing super close-up details of each page because the memories shared are specific to my family and you may not understand a lot of things I shared unless I told you the stories behind them. I’m just sharing these to show you the general layout of the album in case you want to make something special like this for someone. Inside the Father's Day Mini Album More Pages from the Father's Day Mini Album Close-up of the tiny hacksaw embellishment

My zig-zag mini album

My zig-zag mini album

Back of the Mini Album Thanks for reading my blog!

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Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat
Trick or Treat No Gravatar

DAY 15: I’m on a roll! I’m half-way through my month of daily blog posts.

My plan was to share older cards I’d made, but these last four are hot off the press! This card was pulled together quite quickly because I started with some black cardstock, then tore up some Halloween colored washi tape and laid them down on the card, to start with.

Trick or TreatThen, I used one of the cut-outs from the “Haunted Manor” paper from Doodlebug Design and attached it to the card with double-sided foam adhesive to pop it off the page. To make the card more special, I used Liquid Embossing fluid to add some shiny black dots on the sentiment.

Trick or Treat card

20131015-110354.jpgWashi tape looks great torn, cut at an angle, cut like a serpent’s tongue, or as a triangle, like a pennant. It’s fun to experiment with the different ways to use washi tape in a card.

20131015-110401.jpgThank you for reading my blog!

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Click It

Click It
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DAY 13: I’ve been blogging daily this month so that I can catch up a little on some of the many cards I’ve never blogged about.

Today’s featured card is one I made yesterday for a friend. He’s a talented photographer and his photographs were featured in an art exhibit in Portland. I only had a few minutes to make a card before I left home, and I turned to my Cricut Expression machine and my Cricut® Artbooking cartridge to make this photographer card. I used some bright colors that reminded me of Polaroid’s logo, even though my friend uses a fancier camera than a vintage Polaroid camera!

Click ItI love how I can decide what size each shape will cut onto my selected paper. Cricut machines truly let you make anything you want and your imagination is the only limit.

Camera CardBefore gluing all the shapes down, I wrapped ribbon around the blue cardstock and added three coordinating brads that resemble buttons. After attaching it to a green card base, I used Liquid Glass to fill in around the letters in the word bubble. It doesn’t show in the photos, but the negative spaces in the word bubble are shiny. Shiny things are cool! Unless it’s my face that’s shiny, and then that’s just embarrassing.

Polaroid ColorsJust for fun, I cut an extra word bubble that says, “OH SNAP” because I thought that’d be funny to stick inside. Well, thank you for reading my blog – I’m happy you stopped by!

Oh Snap

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Sick? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!

Sick? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!
Sick? Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That! No Gravatar

DAY TWELVE: If you’re a regular reader of my blog (thank you!), you know why I’m counting blog posts. If you don’t know why, it is because I am blogging daily in October. I have hundreds of cards I haven’t shared here because I’m busy making cards, working, cooking, living and loving. If I blog daily this month, I will make a dent in all those photos of non-blogged cards.

I love this happy little stamp from the On the Mend stamp set from my friend Kelly Marie’s company: Lawn Fawn. All of her company’s stamp sets are adorable, but this stamp is my favorite from any one of the lawn Fawn stamp sets.


I stamped the tissue box once on white cardstock and once on patterned paper, then cut out the patterned paper and glued it in place where I needed it. I mounted the cardstock on the patterned paper and attached it to my 4″ x 4″ card.


Using Liquid Embossing fluid, I made four little faux brads in the corners.


This card was for a friend of mine who wasn’t feeling well, and since he showed me the infamous video of Sweet Brown, I thought it would be fun to make a meme of “ain’t nobody got time for that!” for the inside of this card. I found the image I wanted and imported it into PhotoShop Elements so I could add the text and print it out.

20131012-222453.jpgWell, that wraps up Day Twelve! Thank you very much for taking the time to check out my blog.

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I Just Called

I Just Called
No Gravatar

DAY TEN: Here’s the tenth blog post in a row this month! Now if only I could keep this up – then in a few years, you’d have seen all the projects I’ve made!

Recently, my husband was about to fly out of town for three back-to-back business trips, and I wanted to do something to surprise him and show I was thinking of him. On the eve of his trip, he had to leave the house after dinner and attach a perma-board (permanent, weatherproof flyer) to the “For Sale” sign on one of his listings. When he left, I was doing dishes, but as soon as the front door was closed, I raced to my craft studio and made a card for him. Since I’d just come up with the idea while rinsing off dinner plates, the card I made wasn’t very elaborate.

Telephone CardAs I flipped through some of my Cricut cartridge booklets, I came across a phone-shaped cut-out from the Wild Card cartridge and thought it would be fun to make a phone-shaped card.

As a child of the 1980s, I couldn’t escape that overplayed Stevie Wonder song, so I thought I’d use the line from the famous chorus for the inside of my card.

Inside the Phone Card

As soon as I finished the card and took these pictures, I tucked it into an envelope with a thank you card for the friends he was staying with and sealed it. Then, I hid the envelope and raced back to the kitchen to finish cleaning up. When he got home, he asked if I had been there the whole time. I let him know I took a little break. 😉

"Wild Card" Cricut Phone Card

I took it to the post office the next morning, and it’s a good thing I acted quickly because it took 6 days to arrive, and he was leaving on the 7th day to go to another state on his whirlwind tour! Thankfully, it arrived in the NICK of time. Whew! Needless to say, he was happily surprised and my mission was accomplished. Phone Card

 Thanks for stopping by to read my blog!

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Happy 18th Birthday – with Selfies

Happy 18th Birthday – with Selfies
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This week, my step-son turns 18! He lives at home with us full-time and he’ll often pick up his dad’s cell phone and take selfies (self portraits) with his iPhone while his dad isn’t looking. With Apple iPhones and iPads, you don’t have to unlock the device to use the camera, so he just grabs the phone or iPad, opens the camera and snaps a few selfies, thinking his dad may be annoyed or may not notice them. Well, unlike some folks who delete those, we keep them all. We thought it would be funny to use his self portraits in something for his birthday, so my husband gave me 178 of his son’s photos and I made a collage of them. I printed them out to about 3″ x 4″ on glossy photo paper and made it the focal point of the Seahawks (of course) colored card.

18th birthday guy card
I used navy blue linen cardstock leftover from working at Kinko’s in the 1990s, as well as bright green cardstock, a silver pen, some washi tape and some foil number stickers. Although he seemed embarrassed and annoyed by it, I think he secretly enjoyed getting a card made up of pictures of himself. 😉
18 year old card
blog - 18Here’s how the card started – as a sketch I drew in PenUltimate on my iPad… then I turned it into a real card yesterday.
My Card Sketch
Thank you for reading my blog!
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