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Evernote Art, Cards and Tips

Evernote Art, Cards and Tips
Evernote Art, Cards and Tips No Gravatar

Welcome! You may have found my website because you clicked on my popular Pinterest pin about how to save pins to Evernote. Or perhaps you saw my previous blog post, and read that I was interviewed on Agent Caffeine to speak about Evernote. Whatever brings you here, I’m thankful to have you as a reader! Today I’ll be sharing some Evernote wall art I’ve made; some Evernote-inspired greeting cards; and my notes from the “Secrets of Success with Evernote” interview.

Two years ago, I ordered a small collection of Evernote stickers from their website. This one is my favorite, and I think it’s meant to go on the back of a laptop lid, phone or tablet.

Evernote stickerThis sticker inspired me to make some wall art for my new office, so I cut the elephant shape from black cardstock, using my Cricut Explore and had the machine write the phrase “I’m not being rude… I’m taking notes in Evernote” with a white chalk-style marker.

Evernote Not Being RudeAfter gluing the elephant in place, I placed the 12″ X 12″ Topiary Cardstock in a frame with black wooden trim and shared it on Instagram and Facebook.

Evernote ArtIt was a hit with my friends and I took orders and mailed two of them across the country. Here’s one of them. I changed things up a bit and had the Cricut Explore cut the letters out of the green cardstock. This photo was taken before I glued the letter holes in their proper spots. I think it looks kind of cool and trendy like this:

Evernote Art without letter holesIt only seemed natural to include little Evernote-inspired cards with these framed pieces of art, so I cut a few of these 4″ square cards out and assembled them:

Evernote elephant cards

I am crave organization and order in all facets of my life. When everything is in its right place, I feel an overwhelming sense of peace and calmness. Sometimes people ask me if I am the most organized person I know. I don’t know – I don’t measure other people’s organizing skills! When asked if I have everything organized in my life, I tell them no. I don’t know that there is anyone who feels they have perfected organization and there is no need for improvement. Who looks around their house and exclaims, “Ahh, I have mastered the art of organization!” We can always excel, challenge ourselves and grow. I’m always looking for a better way to stay organized and that’s what I love about Evernote: it organizes my thoughts.

Recently, my Dad made some pegboards for my craft studio and my husband installed them on the wall behind my desk. I love how I can hang things from it and rearrange them when I find a better workflow. Evernote is like that, too. I use Evernote to capture things I want to remember later, and I can organize my notes and move them around until I get them in the right place. Tags also help make it easy for me to sort one note in multiple categories.

As I was preparing for my interview, I came up with these main points as I thought about my audience of real estate agents and brokers.

1. Use it in your personal life before you try to make it work for your business.

* In this industry, we are notorious for being on call 24/7, and since we are always working, we try to make every new app or system work for our business. Jumping into Evernote, expecting it to be the end-all solution to organizing your real estate business can make you frustrated and cause you to blame Evernote.
* Evernote works better when you understand how to use it in your everyday life FIRST. Step back and don’t get so focused on it as a real estate solution. Learn to use it well, and then apply it to your business!

2. Use Evernote to organize your brain.

* Store anything in Evernote and access it anywhere. The more you put into Evernote, the better it gets!
* Here are just a few examples of things you can save in Evernote:
* A “brain dump” of things you need to get out of your mind and on “paper” so you can remember them later
* Photos of your favorite outfits so packing for trips or mornings will be easier
* Notes to your future self: don’t ever order this dish at that restaurant again, or order this because it’s amazing
* Peanut butter or mascara you love or tried & hate
* Your family health history
* Your life’s timeline (historical events you want to remember)
* Count your many blessings
* Updates you’ve done to your home, including paint ID numbers, appliance manuals, appliance receipts and model numbers
* Your goals, wishes and dreams
* Recipes & recipe notes

3. The only wrong way to use Evernote is to not use it at all!

* There is no “one size fits all” way of organizing Evernote. Make it YOURS. You can sort notes into notebooks and notebook stacks, and/or use tags. It is perfectly normal to reorganize your Evernote notes a few times until you get what works best for you.
* Search the text in your notes across all notebooks, text within photos or Premium users can also search text inside of PDFs, Word docs, Excel files, presentations and more!

I could go on and on, but I will bid you farewell and thank you for reading my blog!

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Golf Word Collage

Golf Word Collage
Golf Word Collage No Gravatar

This is the next one in a series of four canvases I made as Christmas gifts for my husband’s family last December.

My brother-in-law is an excellent golfer and he’s very passionate about his all-time favorite sport. My husband and I can’t help but think of his sister’s husband whenever we see something golf-related. When I discovered that my Cricut Word Collage cartridge had a golf lover’s word collage, I just HAD to make a special piece of art for him as one of his Christmas gifts.

Golf Word CollageIf you want to learn how I made this collage, please look at this blog post: NYC Word Collage. It has the steps listed so that you can make your own canvas wall art!

Another view of the golf word collage

Here is another view of the 8″ x 10″ canvas art I made for him. The cute green chevron paper came from the Chevron Paper Pack from Hobby Lobby and it’s a must-have if you’re into chevrons.

Golf Word Collage made with the Cricut Expression machineThanks for reading my blog!

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Flower Word Collage

Flower Word Collage
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Last Christmas, I made word collage wall art for my husband’s family. Today I’d like to show you the word collage I made for his Grandma. She loves flowers and she’s especially talented with nurturing orchids and keeping them alive. Her house is always nice and warm, which is what orchids need to survive.

Flower Word Collage

I used the Cricut Word Collage and my Cricut Expression machine, along with brown vinyl. To see how I made it, please read the instructions in my NYC Word Collage blog post. Needless to say, Dale’s grandma loved her handmade Christmas gift and I felt happy making another custom gift for her.

Word Collage made of Flower NamesThanks for reading my blog!

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NYC Word Collage

NYC Word Collage
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My brother-in-law and sister-in-law live in the heart of New York City, just a block from Times Square. How’s THAT for a cool place to live? A year ago or so, when visiting home, my husband’s brother brought me some NYC maps, Broadway show flyers, menus and other goodies from The Big Apple. I don’t think he imagined I’d turn them into crafts for him, but I did! I used a map of New York City and used Mod Podge to attach it carefully to an 8″ x 10″ canvas. It was just one of the pieces of art I made for Dale’s family last Christmas.

Close-Up of the NYC Canvas ArtHere’s how I made the gift: I took a blank 8″ x 10″ canvas and applied a thin layer of Mod Podge with a foam brush. Then, I applied a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of the map and while everything was still wet, I placed the canvas face-down onto the back of the map. The trick to getting Mod Podge to stick is to attach a wet surface to another wet surface. Then, I folded the rest of the map around the four sides and attached and trimmed the map and let it dry for 30+ minutes. You could do the same thing with scrapbook paper.

NYC Borough Word CollageThe next step was that I used the Cricut Word Collage and selected the New York collage image. I didn’t need to use software to do this, but when I cut vinyl, I like someone else to figure out the ideal speed and pressure for my machine. I made this project in December, before the Cricut Explore and Design Space existed, so I used my Cricut Expression machine and Cricut Design Studio to determine the proper size for cutting this project from black vinyl. Once it was cut, I weeded away the extra scrap I wouldn’t use and carefully applied the vinyl words to my dry canvas with transfer tape. Once any bubbles were smoothed out, I applied three layers of Mod Podge, allowing at least 30 minutes between each coat.

NYC Word Collage / Canvas Wall Art

The final step was spraying the finished canvas with a sealant. I sprayed this outdoors and let the canvas air out for a few minutes before bringing it inside to cure for at least 24 hours. Since I was mailing this (along with their other gifts) across the country in the dead of winter, I let the canvas cure for a few extra days. I wanted to ensure it was very well set and wouldn’t stick to the tissue paper and gift wrap.

NYC Word CollageThanks for reading my blog!

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