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Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary

Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary
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This is the week of my husband’s and my wedding anniversary, so I wanted to blog about what I did for him last year. The chalkboard effect has been very popular for the last few years and 2013 was the year I finally played around with that look and I still love it in 2014. Someday, when we look back on my first wedding anniversary card and gift to my husband, we’ll say, “That style is SOOO 2013!”

Traditionally, the first wedding anniversary gift is paper and that be interpreted so many ways. For the paper crafter, it meant I would make him a paper scrapbook of photos and moments from our first year of marriage. We take a lot of photos and share them online with friends, so I picked the highlights from the year and printed the photos on glossy paper and made a mini album of memories. The photos are pulled secretly from his Facebook account so that both sides of the stories were represented. What was really special is that he made me a video “scrapbook” with photos from our first year together! We both made each other surprise scrapbooks! That was pretty sweet.

I’ve always described myself as a reluctant scrapbooker. I just can’t get into creating fancy layouts that feature the perfect balance of embellishments, photos and journaling. It’s just not me! Until I met my husband, I’d only made two mini scrapbook albums and I gave those away. They commemorated someone’s baby shower and a vacation she took with her family. I’d never been inspired to make a book of memories and moments until I married My Dream Come True, Dale. The joy and love I feel everyday I’m his wife causes me to be inspired to create more things, and it’s his loving support that continues to fuel my creativity. My style is more of a smash-book where I select the best photos and print them on glossy photo paper, then I trim them and stick them onto pages with minimal journaling.

Here’s what I surprised my sweetie with last year:

1st Wedding Anniversary DIY Gifts: a mini album & a cardI’ll share more about the 1st anniversary card in another blog post because today I just want to share details about the mini album. I’d had this small 6″ x 6″ Close to My Heart album in my stash for a few months. I got it on clearance and with just 8 page protectors (for 16 pages), it didn’t seem to daunting to try it as a mini scrapbook.

Five-Hundred Twenty-Five Thousand Six-Hundred Minutes mini albumI was happy when I thought of using a line from “Seasons of Love” from “Rent,” the Broadway musical. Dale LOVES musicals, so writing the number of minutes in one year (from the song) was a nod to his love of musicals. I used regular black cardstock and smeared it with ink from my White Daisy Exclusive Inks™ Stamp Pad and some white colored pencil scribbles I blended with Kleenex. Then I wrote in “chalkboard fronts” with an assortment of white markers, pens, a Gelato, and colored pencils and secured the edges with washi tape.

How do you measure a year? 1st anniversary mini album.How do you measure a year? In photos and in love!! I found the “1” charm at Craft Warehouse. There was a collection of metal numbers on clearance a few years ago, and I knew I could use them for something! This was the right embellishment for this project.

"1" charmI used the AWESOME Rhonna Designs app to embellish photos with sayings and trendy clip art. I also used the Diptic collage app to make some collages of photos. Then, I printed them onto glossy photo paper and trimmed them to fit my 6″ x 6″ pages.

Photo made with the Rhonna Designs appI used Close to My Heart Memory Protectors™ 6″ X 6″ Flip Flaps because I needed a few more pages! It was helpful to add flaps where I needed to extend some pages.

CTMH Flip Flaps were used in my projectThere were a total of two used because I needed 4 more pages!

CTMH Flip FlapsYou may think your spouse wouldn’t want “a girly scrapbook” as his anniversary gift, but my guy was touched and he loved his surprise scrapbook. Rather than having several scrapbooks to sift through of different events in our lives, having a little smash-book mini album was much more palatable. It won’t take hours to pour through the photos, and that’s one thing we both liked about this gift.

Thanks for reading my blog post!


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