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As Seen in Cricut Magazine

As Seen in Cricut Magazine
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I am so honored to have been selected once again to have my art featured in a Northridge Publishing magazine! Just before my mini album was about to be published in Cricut Mini Albums, I was contacted by the copy editor and asked to submit a card for the June 2014 issue of Cricut Magazine! This was so exciting for me because I have been a customer of the original Cricut Magazine since its debut a few years ago and now MY art was going to be in a magazine! They’ve since gone digital, but I am still a customer and I love the inspiring ideas found in each colorful digital publication.

Mr. and Mrs. Card for Cricut Magazine
Mr. and Mrs. Card for Cricut Magazine

I couldn’t mail them the original card they’d found on my blog because I had made it for a couple who was married March 2013. I was in the middle of a craft room re-design and boxes were packed up everywhere. I didn’t have all the supplies needed to create the card, so I placed a rush order from my Close to My Heart website and when it arrived, I recreated the card that was requested. 95% of the supplies used are from Close to My Heart and I used paper and stickers from the retired For Always collection.

Here’s a picture of my card submission with the blog post Northridge Publishing found when they requested it.

Mr and Mrs card replica with the original blog post
Mr and Mrs card replica with the original blog post

When submitting a card for publication, they request detailed step-by-step instructions; a photo of the finished piece; and the original art.

Submitting my card for Cricut Magazine
Submitting my card for Cricut Magazine

Here are the pictures of my card as they appear in the June 2014 issue of Cricut Magazine. I’m so excited!!

Cricut Magazine - June 2014 issue

My card is featured in the Table of Contents page!!
My card is featured in the Table of Contents page!!
My CTMH Mr and Mrs card featured in Cricut Magazine
My CTMH Mr and Mrs card featured in Cricut Magazine
My CTMH "For Always" Mr and Mrs Card - Photographed by Northridge Publishing
My CTMH “For Always” Mr and Mrs Card – Photographed by Northridge Publishing

Thank you for reading my blog!! I’ve been so busy creating art and meals that I haven’t had a chance to blog. I plan to add more new blog posts soon because it’s fun to share what I’ve been working on.

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8 thoughts on “As Seen in Cricut Magazine”

  • Hi, congrats to you! Do you know how I can purchase this issue. I just happened to see one of my cards on the same page and never knew they published it 🙂
    Any info would be appreciated!

    • Hi Shelly, thanks for your comment! I’m disappointed to hear they never notified you they used one of your cards! They should have issued you a $50 gift certificate to Craft Junction’s (or something like that) website and returned your art. I don’t think it’s possible to get issues of the magazine anymore. They never paid me for this card, nor returned my art to me. They up and disappeared and I think they’re out of business. I wasn’t able to access any future issues after this one, even though I had a multi-year annual subscription. Try Googling “Northridge Publishing” and you’ll see a lot of posts from other unhappy artists and crafters who were ripped off. Did you ever receive your card back? I keep trying to access my old digital issues to no avail. If I could, I would look for your card and send you images of the pages.

  • Oh thank you so much For getting back to me 🙂 they requested some cards and I went through the same process as what you mentioned above except I never heard anything else again. So I just figured they didn’t publish them. But surprise, I got my cards back today and Cricut labeled them. I searched the wording and found you 🙂
    It’s nice that they published one or maybe more but I would love to see the issue.
    I blog with a great group of ladies and I sent a message so if a copy turns up, I’ll be happy to copy and share 🙂
    Thank you again!

    • Shelly, I’m so glad you said you got your card back today! As soon as I saw your comment, I went out to the mailbox and was surprised to see my card was returned, too!! WOW! I’m happy we both got our cards back! It’s wrong that we weren’t paid, but I am happy they didn’t throw away our art and it’s great that they did actually return them to us. The issue is digital only, but if one of your blogger friends saved the whole issue, please let me know. 😀

  • I’m excited to see this too! I was asked to send in a particular card and, like you, had already given it away so went out and purchased the materials needed to recreate it. I had tried a number of times to contact Northridge and never heard anything back. I’m disappointed that we won’t receive a magazine or “goodies” as promised, but it will be nice to at least receive the card back (hopefully)! I’m so glad the two of you have yours. Perhaps there is hope for me too!

    Stephanie, how did you get the images of your card in the magazine? I’d be happy if I could get even that (if my card was actually published).

    Congrats on your publication – and for making the table of contents too!!

    • Hi Kate, thank you for your comment. I’m sorry you went through the same agony as me. I was extremely angry about being wronged by Northridge Publishing for a while there, and tried to contact them via phone, email and comments on their Facebook page but it’s been so long that I’ve let it go and I’m at peace with it. I sure hope your card shows up today or soon! When the publication came out digitally, I would have taken screen shots from app with the iPad. I thought I’d always be able to look through the digital magazine in the future, but the app stopped working shortly after this issue, and none of my digital magazine purchases are viewable. I sure miss Paper Crafts, Cards and Cricut Magazine for inspiration and trends – and I miss the PAPER versions of magazines! The pictures published in my blog post are all I have of the magazine, sorry. I would love to help you, if I could!

      • Hi Stephanie – Thanks so much for getting back to me. I did find the experience frustrating and disappointing, but in the grand scheme of life, it’s not a huge deal. I have tried to find a digital version of the magazine but have had no luck. I do have paper copies of other work. There’s just something particularly exciting about it all!! I just happened to see a post by Shelly on FB and thought I’d give things a go too.

        I’m happy that you have some screen shots of your work. It’s great you took them!

        I’ll let you know if my card arrives. I’m in Canada so shipping takes far longer.

        Thanks again for the information! I appreciate it!

  • Hi again, Stephanie! Just a quick note to say that my card was finally returned. No gift certificate, no magazine, no note and no explanation – but I did get my card!!

    Thanks again for your help!


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