Hand-Cut Paper-Pieced Baby Announcement

Hand-Cut Paper-Pieced Baby Announcement
Hand-Cut Paper-Pieced Baby Announcement No Gravatar
Last year, a friend of mine showed me this *gorgeous* custom card an artist created as her birth announcement. Since it’s not my art, I don’t feel that it’s okay to display the artist’s work in this post, so please click the link to see the original inspiration for the card I’m featuring today.

Aren’t the detailed hand cut paper shapes amazing??

After Anita showed me the picture, she asked if she could commission me to recreate that card for her! I was slightly puzzled and wrote her back to ask, “Wait – are you telling me some top secret news that I will not share with a soul??” She said YES! Anita and her husband were expecting their first child!! How exciting! She asked me to keep quiet because no one knew she was expecting her first child. No problem! I was sooo flattered to be part of this privileged secret and would keep my lips sealed!
Anita wanted me to make an official “You’re going to become grandparents / We’re expecting a baby!” card for her parents and in-laws! She didn’t want the card to be exactly like the original, of course. The couple should look like her and her husband; instead of a cat, there needed to be two pugs; and I figured the baby’s hat should be a unisex color since she was only six weeks along in the pregnancy. As challenging as the original card looked, I accepted the challenge and started thinking about how I would make the card. It was a daunting request, but I was excited to make something special for Anita and Patrick and be part of the surprise from behind the scenes.
After several attempts at getting my Cricut Expression machine to cut an oval in cardstock at the right place, I decided I needed to make a larger card than the standard A2 size, so I went up to a card that was about 5″ x 7″, perfect for framing and large enough for her to color copy if she needed to duplicate and resize it for announcements.
I knew what my friend, her husband and their sweet pugs looked like, but I needed to find some pictures for inspiration so I looked at some of her Facebook and Instagram photos. It was important for me to make the sunglasses look like their sunglasses and to make their faces shaped like their faces. I think the hardest part was making their pugs look right! These were the photos I used as inspiration.
Anita and Patrick Collage - photos belong to Anita

Anita and Patrick Collage – photos belong to Anita

It took me 6.5 hours over 6 weeks to make this card. I worked on it here and there as I had time and inspiration. Everything but the oval and card shape was cut freehand with my X-Acto knife. Most of it was free-form, but for some pieces I drew on the paper before cutting. I had a lot of fun hand-crafting their sunglasses and her wavy, pretty hair.   Patrick and Anita and the boys
As I worked on the card, I had fun sending my friend photos of updates. In the end, it allowed me the progression photos to create this collage of the process!
Paper Piecing the Pregnancy Announcement Card

Paper Piecing the Pregnancy Announcement Card

When I sent the final picture to Anita, she wanted me to add something to the bottom. She came up with “…and the boys!” and I added that to the bottom to complete the card. Here is a collage of the finished card.

Final shots of the paper-pieced card!

Final shots of the paper-pieced card!

The inspiration for the silly pugs was found in these three photos Anita took and shared on her Instagram feed. Aren’t they hilarious?! Follow her on Instagram and you’ll enjoy additional hilarious pictures of her furry little friends. 🙂

Photos by Anita Kissee

Photos by Anita Kissee

This card was too special to trust sending in the mail, so on a trip back home, I drove up to A & P’s house and hand-delivered the card. Dale took this photo of the presentation of the card. 🙂

blog - Patrick and Anita with the Pugs and MeHave a FABULOUS Thursday, and – as always – thank you for reading my blog!

Patrick and Anita and the boys

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    • ((blush)) It was my pleasure! I’m thrilled to have been part of the surprise and I’m humbled you thought I could make something like that. 🙂 I am excited to meet your son once he has arrived!

  1. Wow! Absolutely stunning! You did an amazing job! Congrats to you and to Anita and Patrick!

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