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What a Weekend!!

What a Weekend!!
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What a weekend!!

On Friday, my mini album was published in the February 2014 Cricut Magazine© Mini Albums Idea Book, kicking my weekend off to a great start!! This was my first time being published, and it was an honor to have them ask me to send my album in for photographing and publishing! My original blog post about the album had to be taken offline from late August until February 28th, but I’ll be able to re-post the blog in March.

After trying a new soup recipe that took my entire Thursday night, only to be a disappointment, I had to redeem myself and make something tasty on Friday. Friday morning,  received an email from Sweet Tomatoes that was advertising their nacho bar would be open all weekend long. That sounded delicious, but I knew I could make better and cheaper nachos at home! So, on Friday night I shopped and whirled around the kitchen making fixins for my own Nacho Night. The result of the evening was a delicious, satisfying plate of nachos, a step-son who enjoyed his nacho-fixins rolled into warm tortillas, and a messy kitchen to clean up.
On Saturday, I finished organizing my craft studio and rewarded myself by starting a project and making a special thank you card for the 200th person to like my Cards by Stephanie page on Facebook. I have a long list of 60 cards to make ASAP and it felt so good to cross one off the list! I’ve been so focused on organizing my house and cooking healthy, gluten-free meals from scratch that I haven’t taken the time to craft much. Tomorrow, I’ll post the pictures of the card I made.
My father-in-law stopped by to take a few jars of the leftover soup I made and rejected Thursday night. He loves spicy food and I do too, but this batch was too fiery hot for me.
The mason jar sealing attachment I’d ordered finally arrived and Saturday afternoon, so I prepared and vacuum-sealed several salads and salad dressing for the work week! I’m so happy to finally have the tools to jump on the brilliant salad-in-a-jar craze. I tested a jar-salad Sunday afternoon and it was so delicious! I’m excited to just grab a jar and go to work in the morning. Maybe I’ll post recipes for my to-go salads on my HomeCooked Recipes blog.
Photo Feb 03, 1 22 46 PM
After church on Super Bowl Sunday, I delivered the rest of the leftover soup to some other friends and then braved the grocery store to get ingredients for another new soup recipe. I enjoyed my salad for lunch, then turned on FOX 12 and cranked up the volume so I could hear the TV from the kitchen. I love that FOX is on channel 12 in my area – so appropriate since I’m part of the 12th Man nation! I spent the afternoon washing, chopping, drying and vacuum sealing bulk amounts of cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage so that weeknight dinners will come together faster. The thing that takes the longest when cooking is all the food prep. I need a sous chef! I’m tired of spending 4 hours prepping, cooking, eating and cleaning on weeknights so I’m taking the weekends to prepare in advance. I also made a few salad dressings from scratch and made beef enchilada soup, then vacuum sealed the left-overs to remove all traces of oxygen and seal in the freshness. I tore apart the kitchen for the fourth day in a row, but it was so worth it! It feels good to have a fridge full of fresh ingredients for quick meals.
Also, did you hear? WE WON THE SUPERBOWL!!! Growing up near Seattle in “the shadow of the Space Needle,” as they say, I was born to love the Seahawks even though they were always a disappointment. I always watched the Super Bowl for the adrenaline rush and the commercials, no matter who was playing football that day. It was surreal and exciting when we made it to the Super Bowl 8 years ago, but those refs sure made the 12th Man angry when we weren’t allowed to win. Yesterday’s win at Super Bowl 48 was a dream come true for Seahawks fans who have patiently waited for a lifetime for a win. WORLD CHAMPIONS!!! THIS IS SO CRAZY COOL!
Photo Feb 03, 1 21 04 PMWhen my step-son got home, I treated us to DQ Blizzards to ease our sore throats. I’d been shouting and cheering and frightening the cats all day. He’d been shouting an d cheering at the party he attended, and we needed some relief!
I just can’t stop smiling… I am SO PROUD of our boys!!
Thanks for reading my blog post. I shall reward you with details about my latest card tomorrow!
This guy helped me with all the loads of dishes I did this weekend!
This guy helped me with all the loads of dishes I did this weekend!

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