World Card Making Day 2013

World Card Making Day 2013
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DAY SIX: I plan to blog daily this month – here is Day Six’s post!

Yesterday was World Card Making Day! Ideally, I would have spent a concentrated 12 hours in the craft studio making cards and my coffee, meals and water would be prepared for me and delivered. 😉 That’s not how may day went.I had lots of interruptions, but I made the most of my day and accomplished a lot when I look back on it.

Before I started making cards yesterday, I thought I’d look at a greeting card magazine for inspiration. I subscribe to Northridge Publishing‘s Cricut and Cards magazines and recently, they went 100% digital, like many publishers. Call me old-fashioned, but I like to be a paperless, digital gal everywhere BUT with paper crafts. I prefer to touch magazines and dog ear the corners of cards that inspire me. I save the magazines and look at them over again when I want to feast my eyes on pretty paper crafts or get inspiration for my own projects. My cookbooks, photos, to do notes, wish lists and “brain dumps” are digital but I like anything related to paper crafts to be in PAPER form.

I thought I’d access the digital magazines on my iPad but it turned out to be very cumbersome because I hadn’t looked at the new content this way since they switched over from paper to digital. I wasted a precious hour trying to get my user ID and password to work, including searching through emails and resetting my password, downloading the app, and downloading the issue. When I could finally access the latest digital issue, I got to page five (the first three were ads) and thought, “I’m tired of this! I just want to MAKE CARDS!!!” So, with that, I pushed aside my tablet and dove in to card-making, never finishing the issue.

After making two cards, I stopped and took this picture of my work space. It only got worse from there. When I craft, I pull out a lot of things as I use them because I like to have them at my finger tips. Sometimes I feel like I need to be surrounded by tables so I can spin around in my chair and reach for everything. It’s not that I’m lazy – I just want to be efficient! As a result, my craft studio looks like it was hit by a tornado when I’m done crafting. I wish I could find a more efficient way to organize the room.

Making a mess...

After making seven cards, I had to get dressed and ready so I could take a friend to the airport. We stopped for lunch, went to the airport, I got some fuel for my car, and came home. I returned to my studio and finished 13 more cards, then took a break for dinner. Call me crazy, but I decided last night was the night I was going to chop a loaf of bread and make gourmet home-baked croutons. I washed and chopped some Romaine lettuce and made a Caesar salad and had some chicken noodle soup as I watched the latest episode of The Pioneer Woman. In the episode, she made Ice Cream Pie with Easy Caramel Sauce and chopped candy bars! It made me think of a Heath Blizzard (one of my weaknesses) and since I didn’t have a Heath bar or ice cream, I made peanut butter – butter cup cookies, one of Pioneer Woman’s recipes. Yes, it’s crazy but true. I did all this cooking on a day I only wanted to make cards! That’s the power of Ree Drummond. She makes a lot of delicious, inspiring food!

7 of the 28 cards made on World Card Making Day 2013

Then, I jumped back into card-making, but I was feeling tired and was losing steam. I scanned my collection of craft idea books and magazines and didn’t find any I wanted to look at. I was really feeling like my creative juices were fading faster than I wanted, but I pushed on and came up with six more cards.

28 cards made on World Card Making Day 2013!

All in all, I started and finished 26 cards yesterday. They were all Halloween themed and somehow I made that many in 7-8 hours. I get really competitive on days like this, trying to outdo my previous record but I forgot to see what my record was before I began. All I knew was, I wanted to be as productive as possible.

I just checked, and three years ago, I made 28 cards in one day – they were all Halloween cards, too. Normally, it takes me 45 – 90 minutes to make a card, but that’s when it’s either really intricate and complicated, or it’s a card I am designing for someone else. If I am making as many cards without anybody in particular in mind, they are made much faster. Making cards from the heart is a lot like saying a prayer about the person you’re making the card for. When I’m making a card for someone, I’m thinking of them the whole time and I’m creating something I hope will delight them. I consider their favorite colors, hobbies and passions and try to make something special that will mean a lot to them. I’m not saying there’s no heart in cards that aren’t made for a specific person, but I’m able to make them more quickly. And I’m also not saying a prayer is simply thinking of someone, but I spend much of my awake time in prayer and definitely pray about the person I’m making the card for.

Thanks for reading my blog! Did you create any cards for #WCMD World Card making Day 2013? How many did you make? Did you submit any cards for contests?

My helper

My helper

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