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Up-Cycled Ribbon Card

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DAY FOUR: Welcome to Day Four of my attempt at blogging daily this month! Today is a good day because my husband and I get to see one of our favorite groups in concert tonight: The Pet Shop Boys!

When my husband and I were married last year, many of our gifts came from that big box store with three letter B’s in the name. Employees at that store wrap wedding gifts with their custom purple ribbon. It’s the same ribbon featured here in my how-to video that shows how to smooth wrinkled ribbon. After making the video, I used some of that ribbon to make this card because I have lots and LOTS of this ribbon.

blog - purple ribon cardI think it’s a really understated, simple and elegant card and here’s how I made it: I started with a card base from DCWV. They sell packs of envelopes and cards that are patterned on the outside, which makes it easy to embellish and have a completed card in no time. Then, I wrapped the purple ribbon around the card and adhered it with my ATG 714 glue gun. I tied two loops together and fashioned a festive bow and then threaded a sparkly Close to My Heart brand button (I think it’s a retired item now) around the knot. I attached the tied bow to the card with glue dots and snipped the ends with very sharp scissors. I have accumulated a lot of scissors, but I’d really like to have some fancy ribbon & fabric ONLY scissors which would give me a crisp cut.

blog - purple bow cardThat was it! I took the pictures, wrote in the card and then I think I sent it off to dear Debra as a “thank you” note. So next time you receive some ribbon in a package, SAVE IT – and more importantly… USE IT. It’s fun to “up-cycle” things into a card that blesses someone else. Well, thanks for reading my blog!

By the way, scroll down below this photo to see the video for how to smooth wrinkled ribbon.

blog - purple ribbon and gem

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  • reading your ‘blog a day for October’ Stephanie dear, i’m blown away by your amazing creativity and i love your idea of how to take the creases out of the ribbon – nice !

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