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DAY 19: Hello! Today is my 19th day in a row of blogging about paper crafts I’ve made. Someday I hope to catch up on sharing all of the things I’ve made for others.
My Cricut Expression Electronic Cutting Machine is amazing. I can cut nearly any shape I need and it makes it easy to create custom, one-of-a-kind projects. Earlier this year, I bought the Cricut Word Collage Cartridge so I could make some projects using word collages. I was saving it for the right time and hadn’t used it before this project, so I was happy to finally have a project to make with it!  My sister-in-law Lori is a cat lover, like me, and I made this gift for her.
Cat Lover
It started with a glass picture frame I bought at the craft store. The funny thing is that I was walking into the craft store to buy this frame when I saw my sister-in-law and mother-in-law walking away from the restaurant next door to their cars! Since I was shopping for her birthday gift, I just called their names, waved and told them I loved them. Then I slipped into the store, relieved that I didn’t run into them while shopping inside. Whew!
After bringing home the picture frame, I cut some background papers to fit into the frame and inserted them behind the glass. She loves purple, so I went with purple and black for this gift. This next step is not something you have to do, but what I did is opened the free Cricut Craft Room program on my computer and selected the collage of cat phrases I wanted to use. I positioned it where I wanted it on the virtual version of my mat on my computer screen. Then I cut some vinyl slightly large than my picture frame and put the vinyl onto my sticky Cricut mat. I loaded the Cricut Expression machine with the mat and I believe I set the dial to 5.5″ so the height and width of the collage would fit my frame. I also changed the pressure and blade settings on my machine for vinyl. The reason I used Cricut Craft Room rather than just touching the key pad n my Cricut Expression was I didn’t remember what settings to use for cutting vinyl. When I select “Cut” in the Cricut Craft Room computer program, I told it I was cutting vinyl and then it directed me t use the settings that best work for vinyl. Vinyl is tricky because if your blade is cutting too deep and it doesn’t just skim the surface, it will cut all the way through the vinyl backing and it will make a big, ugly mess when you want to remove the vinyl for your project.
After the vinyl was cut, I unloaded the mat and used something with a sharp-pointed and “weeded” away the vinyl that I didn’t need. I only wanted the positive spaces and not the negative space. Then I used some Cricut Vinyl Transfer Tape and pressed it onto my word collage. Then I peeled off the carrier sheet or white backing paper and carefully lined up the word collage onto my frame and used a bone folder to press the words onto the top of the glass. Once I felt the words were stuck really well onto the glass, I carefully peeled away the transfer tape and my project was finished. The transfer tape can be re-used until it is no longer sticky, so there’s no need to throw it away after just one use.
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I wrote this post on a busy Saturday where there was a lot going on around me and I couldn’t find a quiet space, so I hope my sentences made sense! If not, then now you know why. 😉 Thanks for reading my blog and have a fabulous weekend!
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