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DIY Chalkboard Dinner Menu

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For several months, I’ve wanted to make a perpetual dinner menu board for the dining room wall and write on it with my Chalk Ink markers. At the time of this writing, when I search for “chalkboard dinner menu” on Pinterest, I see a bunch of bland chalkboards with pretty doodles and handwriting, but there doesn’t seem to be anything special embellishing the chalkboards like I wanted. Perhaps more people will start sharing pictures of their embellished home-made chalkboard art menu boards so we can pin them!

Chalkboard Dinner Menu

I created a video that shows how I made this menu board. After talking with someone at Craft Warehouse, I decided to use a glass frame with DCWV chalkboard paper beneath it, rather than purchasing chalkboard paint. I wanted to make this project today; didn’t want to watch the paint dry; and didn’t want to go to another store. That’s how I changed my mind and went with a glass faux chalkboard for my project. I found a nice frame on sale, along with a beautiful marked-down metal rose that would look lovely on it. I had the rest of the supplies at home and I recorded the project as I made it for the first time. I hope this will inspire you to create your own easy menu board!

Here are some more pictures of my project.



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