My TCHO Chocolate Card

My TCHO Chocolate Card
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Have you noticed you can send gifts through Facebook from a friend’s profile page?  Recently, a few friends celebrated my birthday by sending me gifts through Facebook, and some pretty little packages showed up for me!  This is what one of my friends sent me: a sweet little box of dark and milk chocolates from the gourmet TCHO chocolate company:

blog-TCHO Chocolates

Someone once told me I was always looking for an excuse to make someone a card – and it was said as if that were a bad thing. My parents instilled in me the value of thanking people with cards or letters. Several thousands of dollars spent at Hallmark turned into several more thousands of dollars spent on craft supplies so I could create and send my OWN cards of gratitude and celebration. It brings me joy to make and give someone a card, however large or small their gesture.

I was inspired to make a thank you card with the wrappers from the chocolates!  I figured my friend would appreciate the surprise of seeing packaging from her gift used in an unexpected way.  I haven’t finished the chocolates yet, but I wanted the card to reach my friend in California quickly, so I grabbed my square 1″ punch and carefully unwrapped and punched through each wrapper. I hadn’t used my Inchies in YEARS, so I dusted them off and applied the wrapper pieces to six Inchies.

bog-TCHO wrappers


I played around with how I would lay out the squares before I attached them permanently to the card.

blog-TCHO squares

My friend has cool red hair and is a pretty hip lady, so I figured a music themed card was in order. I thumbed through my DCWV Rockstar Mat Stack of paper and found a guitar themed sheet that coordinated well with the chocolate wrappers. The rest of the card came together easily! I used the ribbon from the chocolate container and off-set one of the squares to be like my friend, who doesn’t conform to the norm. 🙂blog-TCHO Card

I hope this had inspired you to look for ways to reuse everyday things in your cards and projects. Thanks for reading my blog!

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Growing up in the shadow of the Space Needle, I loved drawing portraits with a #2 pencil and sometimes a ballpoint pen because I liked the challenge. I collected pens and pencils and enjoyed looking at fonts and logos and replicating them by hand. I was in AP art classes in high school and took some graphic design classes at Seattle Central. While in college, I had a part-time job making signs for Drug Emporium / Longs Drugs with my "Steph Font." In my 20s, I made a lot of invitations for dinner parties and later, when I bought my Cricut Expression electronic cutter in 2008, I started making cards for all occasions. In 2009, I discovered Close to My Heart and enjoyed being my Consultant's best customer... but in May 2011, I finally gave in and became and Independent Consultant. It was a very good decision! :-) Nearly everything I make is given away or sold so others can enjoy some handmade art. I've made over 1,000 cards and projects and this blog serves as a way to share and hopefully inspire others to create projects of their own. Someday I hope to catch up and blog about all the cards I've made.

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  1. You cannot imagine how surprised and awe struck I was by the imaginative and artistic way in which Stephanie created this beautiful card for me! This is recycling at its best! What an amazing lady!

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