Infill Garden Card for an Infill Specialist

Infill Garden Card for an Infill Specialist
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This is a blog post about the craziest card I have ever made!

One of my friends is a real estate agent who specializes in selling infill lots.  What’s an infill?  Well, he would do a MUCH better job of explaining it but I’ll give it a go.  Long ago when neighborhoods were starting to be built, buyers had the option to buy the lot next door for a garden, garage or expansion.  It was a full lot that they could do what they wanted with.  Many of these lots just stayed as an empty playfield area that created a nice buffer between neighbors.  From what I understand, my friend identifies these lots and gets them sold to investors or savvy buyers who want to build on these lots.  It’s basically a garden lot attached to a property, but sold separately.

I wanted to thank my friend with a unique card, so I created my first infill card for him!

"Thanks a Melon" Floral Infill Card

“Thanks a Melon” Floral Infill Card

I used two Cricut cartridges for this: Just Because Cards and Walk in My Garden. I wanted to mash two totally different cards that didn’t have anything in common with each other, other than the color scheme and base of the card (the green cardstock). Since I think of an infill as a random garden attached to a house, I wanted his card to have that same feel.

"Thanks a Melon" Floral Infill Card - side view

“Thanks a Melon” Floral Infill Card – side view

I used one of those sewing tools (a spiky circle on a handle) to perforate the cards, barely keeping them attached just like an infill that could be sold separately. I also used my Martha Stewart shears that cut multiple cuts at once, kind of like grass blades.

Perforated Infill Card

Perforated Infill Card

The garden half of the card was created with layers of paper “grass” in different shades of green and a little fence I cut with a paper punch. I traced some of the flowers with my Copic markers to make them stand out a little.

Garden Side of the Infill Card

Garden Side of the Infill Card

For the “thank you” side, I used Glossy accents to highlight the watermelon seeds, puffed up the watermelon with double-sided foam tape, used a Fiskars edge punch to make the bottom of the card interesting, and inked the edges.

Thanks a Melon Card with the Cricut

Thanks a Melon Card with the Cricut

Thanks for reading my blog!

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  1. Prettiest Card I ever saw, For Sure, now we just need to figure out how to get it on our signs! Thanks, JB

  2. Steph, the detail and thought you put into this card is remarkable! Down to the perforation…wow! It turned out so pretty. Thanks for sharing!

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