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A Card Fit for a Ninja

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I have a friend named Jason Hillard, who is more commonly known as the ham sandwich-eating Homeloan Ninja.  While we were attending a real estate conference last month, it was my duty and privilege to tweet a little bit about what each speaker was saying.  There was a lot of great information to share and I ended up sending out so many tweets (a potential sign of spam), that Twitter put me in a “time out” and wouldn’t allow me to tweet for an hour or so.  Jason graciously offered me to tweet as him from his Twitter account so that I could keep the tweets coming.

Well, I just happened to have this unused card that had a Twitter bird dressed as a Ninja, clutching a ham sandwich, flying through the sky with a trail of Ninja stars in its wake – so I gave it to him a few weeks later! 😉

My Ninja Twitter Card
My Ninja Twitter Card

I cut out the bird using my Straight from the Nest Cricut cartridge and the rest of the shapes were freehand cuts I made with my scissors.  I added a googly eye and inked the edges on each cut-out piece to give it dimension.  Jason loved his card!

Homeloan Ninja with his card
Homeloan Ninja with his card

Jason and his card

Thanks for reading my blog post and have a great day!


2 thoughts on “A Card Fit for a Ninja”

  • The picture of me that Dale took makes me look like I’m drooling (maybe I was) LOL.

    Thank you again Stephanie, that card is chock full of awesomesauce! There will be a Posterous post later today showing one of my friend’s holding the card. Will ping you later 😉

    • Haha! If you want me to use another picture, you can send me one you want me to use but in the meantime, the drooling pic is here to stay. 😉 I am sooooo happy you love your card – it’s one of the favorites I have ever made. I’m excited to see the Posterous post! Take care, and see ya next time!

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