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Band-Aid Cards

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When I learned my dad’s boss had cancer a few years ago, I rushed to make him a card to cheer him up and let him know I was praying for his recovery.  He liked the card so much, he wrote me a very special letter (that I framed) and bought me one of those artist’s kits with several colored pencils, chalk, paints and brushes.

I love to make cards and this Band-Aid shaped card is just like the one I made him and for other friends and family members who are battling cancer, have fallen ill, or are recovering from surgery.  This card was made using the Cricut Wild Card cartridge.  I’m sorry for the picture quality.  I took these on a day I was using my iPhone and uh… let’s say I won’t be doing that again.  I think I have one more blog post to write from pictures I took with the phone.

Band-Aid Card
Band-Aid Card

I used textured DCWV cardstock for that Band-Aid look, and I usually write in red ink because I’m kind of morbid that way (I mean, wouldn’t you expect to find red under a bandage?!).  😉

It’s always nice to plan ahead and make several of the same card at once to have on hand as a quick “get well” card:

An army of Band Aid Cards
An army of Band Aid Cards

5 thoughts on “Band-Aid Cards”

  • Ooooh, so cute! I need to make a few of these! I’m so glad you mentioned that it’s from Wild Card…I just so happen to be borrowing that cartridge from my friend right now!

    • Wow, you borrowed that at the right time! 🙂 I think the dial size should be 7″ to fit in a no. 10 envelope, if I remember correctly. If it’s too large to fit, I just round the edges a little with scissors. Have fun – that’s the most useful cartridge I own!

    • Yes!! You need this cartridge. If my name was Oprah, I would buy one for all my friends. 🙂

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