Hoot Hoot HOORAY!

Hoot Hoot HOORAY!
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A good friend of mine just graduated from nursing school so I wanted to make her a card that would convey my feelings about her achievement.  This seemed like the perfect time to try out the Cricut Lite Hoot ‘n’ Holler cartridge! 

So, here is the fun card I made for my friend.  🙂  You may click it to see a larger image. 

Cricut Lite Hoot 'n' Holler "Hoot Hoot Hooray" Card

Cricut Lite Hoot 'n' Holler "Hoot Hoot Hooray" Card


I really like the silly owls and fun phrases I can make with this cartridge.  The downside is there are a LOT of layers and tiny pieces to glue.  This cheaper cartridge has fewer options compared to a regular cartridge but I think the designer overdid the layers.  I really only like to cut and use two layers for an image.  This seemed kind of excessive, but it resulted in a really fun card so I will use it again. 

Thanks for reading my blog!  Your comments mean the world to me – reading them is like unwrapping a sweet piece of candy.  🙂

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Growing up in the shadow of the Space Needle, I loved drawing portraits with a #2 pencil and sometimes a ballpoint pen because I liked the challenge. I collected pens and pencils and enjoyed looking at fonts and logos and replicating them by hand. I was in AP art classes in high school and took some graphic design classes at Seattle Central. While in college, I had a part-time job making signs for Drug Emporium / Longs Drugs with my "Steph Font." In my 20s, I made a lot of invitations for dinner parties and later, when I bought my Cricut Expression electronic cutter in 2008, I started making cards for all occasions. In 2009, I discovered Close to My Heart and enjoyed being my Consultant's best customer... but in May 2011, I finally gave in and became and Independent Consultant. It was a very good decision! :-) Nearly everything I make is given away or sold so others can enjoy some handmade art. I've made over 1,000 cards and projects and this blog serves as a way to share and hopefully inspire others to create projects of their own. Someday I hope to catch up and blog about all the cards I've made.

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  1. Cute card! You know I love my owls!

    I haven’t had the privilege of using that particular cartridge but I agree. Some of the cartridges do a mass overkill on the layering. The ones that are coming to mind immediately are the licensed ones: Disney Princesses, Cars, Sesame Street, Hello Kitty, etc. As much as I love my Cricut, sometimes I just don’t have the time to do all the layering that is required to get the right image & have to either buy a sticker embellishment instead or improvise with what I had time to cut out. (Usually silhouettes)

    • I thought you’d like the owly card. 🙂 It seemed a little overkill to insert white paper for the eyes and flower dot – four layers was too many! It’s not just all the paper-swapping; it’s the glue. My hands get so sticky and messy with gluing all those little pieces together.

  2. I love candy, so I’ll leave you a comment so you get some 🙂 I love your owl card, that owl is too cute! I saw this cartridge at Wal-Mart and thought it was cute, but I think all the layering would drive me nuts…thanks for the tip!

    • Thanks for the blog candy! I’d say if you get the Stampin’ Up! owl punch, you’ll probably be just as happy as you’d be with this cartridge, but you probably don’t need both. 😀

    • Thanks for the blog candy, Rashida! I thought the burst of colors made it look more like a “hooray” card than using just a few colors. 🙂

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