A Card for the Cat-Lover

A Card for the Cat-Lover
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When I was at the Heirloom Productions Rubber Stamp Show, I was drawn to artist Paula Best‘s rubber stamp store.  Click the hyperlink to see my video, where I focused on some of her art.  I bought a handful of stamps from her table and one of them was for a very special purpose: my mom’s birthday card.  I come from a family of cat-lovers and when I saw this stamp with all these cats, I knew it would make her smile.  She loves Kliban Cats, Laurel Burch and other artists’ cats so this stamp seemed fitting for her.

It was just a loose piece of grey rubber and another store sold extra thick foamy adhesive that was clingy on the other side.  Recently I took the time to make all the loose rubber stamps usable by attaching them to the foam and cutting around them.  Here is the cat card I made for my Mom’s birthday.  I am happy to report she enjoyed the card.  Which cat is your favorite?  I made three of the cats resemble mine and my parents’ felines but my favorite is the little Siamese guy.

"Cat Lady" Birthday Card for Mom

"Cat Lady" Birthday Card for Mom

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Growing up in the shadow of the Space Needle, I loved drawing portraits with a #2 pencil and sometimes a ballpoint pen because I liked the challenge. I collected pens and pencils and enjoyed looking at fonts and logos and replicating them by hand. I was in AP art classes in high school and took some graphic design classes at Seattle Central. While in college, I had a part-time job making signs for Drug Emporium / Longs Drugs with my "Steph Font." In my 20s, I made a lot of invitations for dinner parties and later, when I bought my Cricut Expression electronic cutter in 2008, I started making cards for all occasions. In 2009, I discovered Close to My Heart and enjoyed being my Consultant's best customer... but in May 2011, I finally gave in and became and Independent Consultant. It was a very good decision! :-) Nearly everything I make is given away or sold so others can enjoy some handmade art. I've made over 1,000 cards and projects and this blog serves as a way to share and hopefully inspire others to create projects of their own. Someday I hope to catch up and blog about all the cards I've made.

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  1. My kitty can be the Siamese 🙂 My mom would love this card too! My family are cat-lovers, but my hubby’s family hates them. I have 2, and my hubby is counting down the days they have left. SO sad!!!

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