These Are a Few of My Favorite (Card-Making) Things!

These Are a Few of My Favorite (Card-Making) Things!
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As a regular card-maker, I have several card-making supplies I rely on to make each card.  Even if I make a simple looking card, I have still used a lot of different tools to make the finished product.  This blog post is all about the favorite card-making supplies I use again and again for each card.

I found it easier to tell you about my favorite things with a video, so please check this out:

This is why I love that cardstock SO MUCH – it’s incredibly thick, durable and feels like a “real” card from the store.  Can YOUR cards do this?

Conqueror CX22 Diamond White 118.3# Cardstock!

Conqueror CX22 Diamond White 118.3# Cardstock!

VIDEO RE-CAP: Here are my favorite card-making supplies…

  • Conqueror CX22 Diamond White Cover Sub 118.3# – fancy, uber thick cardstock found at Paper Zone for $33.99 unless you buy it when they have a 40% off sale!
  • My Fiskars 12″ guillotine cutter – I received this as a gift in 2004 and have never changed the blade after hundreds or maybe a thousand cuts.
  • Tonic Studios 5″ x 9″ small paper trimmer – I can cut multiple pages and I always enjoy a sharp, crisp, straight cut.  This smaller one is perfect for working with smaller paper pieces.  It’s very good at cutting 1″ squares.
  • Scotch ATG 714 adhesive runner – this lays down a long strip of permanent adhesive that will never separate.
  • Xyron refillable adhesive runner – I prefer the permanent adhesive refills.  They come 2 to a pack and are very affordable, especially when using a 40% off coupon at JoAnn or Michael’s.  This is the adhesive I used before getting the ATG but I also like taking this small adhesive to crops and card classes instead of lugging the ATG.
  • Scotch double sided foam mounting tape – this is the perfect thickness but if I want more puffiness, I can stack layers together.
  • JudiKins Diamond Glaze – water-based dimensional adhesive for paper, buttons, gems, can be mixed with mica powder and used as a paint, or it can be used to make a glossy accent.  I have made pendant necklaces with it before: I sealed the photos of my niece with layers of this stuff.  Click my link for details on how to get a free sample.  I already received mine and it’s great for taking to crops – it’s a small sample and it has lasted a long time.
  • Bone folder – no, it’s not made of a real bone (right?).  This is a must-have for any card-maker.  A bone folder creases the fold flat and when you scrape it over glued-down paper, it helps the papers to seal together better.
  • Stampin’ Up! Modern Label paper punch – I have a lot of punches but I use this one and a corner rounder all the time.  It is perfect for cutting around a sentiment.
  • Stampin’ Up! paper piercing tool and piercing & eyelet-setting mat pads – the paper piercer, a.k.a. “pokey tool,” is perfect for making a hole for brads to go through the paper, and I also use it to poke decorative holes in paper.  The mats protect my table from getting damaged, and the clear top layer helps me set eyelets evenly.
  • VersaFine Onyx Black stamp pad – I really like the way I get such a fine detail stamped image from this.
  • My custom “Dawson Designs” rubber stamp – I used to stamp my trademark swirl stamp and write “Dawson Designs” around it but that took too long.  Last November, I ordered a custom stamp from and after my husband cut the giant block of wood down to a more usable size, I have enjoyed using it.  Every stamp I make has my logo on the back.


My Favorite Card-Making Supplies

My Favorite Card-Making Supplies

Thanks for reading my blog post! 🙂

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    • Thanks for reading – I am glad you checked it out. You know me, I am good at spending your money… I guess you now have a few more things to buy. 😉

  1. Hi there! I found your blog because I was searching for where to buy Conqueror paper now that Paper Zone is closed! 🙁 Have you found any place in the US? If not, what have you switched to?

    Adorable cards!!

    Thanks so much!
    jenn –

    • Hi Jenn,

      I hope you subscribed to replies – not sure if I should email you – but I’m afraid I’m of no help! I’m still using my original ream of cardstock for my cards and I have made it last because I don’t use it for every card. I think I did a Google search for it once and saw it available online, but that was years ago. I sure hope you find it – I understand how precious this awesome paper is and I will be very upset when I run out of it.

      • Thanks for your reply! I still have a good chunk left but I might start hoarding it! 🙂 I found one place that had it for about $33 plus $16 shipping. It’s great paper but I don’t know if it is $50 great.

        • I’m glad you saw the reply! $50!? Ouch – that’s CRAZY for shipping. However, that does make each card base 10 cents if you can get 500 cards from the 250 sheets. That’s not super cheap, but… yeah, I’d definitely hoard it and only use it for someone who is truly worthy of getting something made with that magical cardstock! 😉

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