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A Very Happy Birthday Card

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I wanted to make a special card for a very special friend of mine, Stacy.  She and her family moved out-of-state a few years ago and thanks to Twitter, Facebook, email, phone and snail-mail, we’re able to stay in touch.  I put together a care package for her with gifts and special things – including a vintage record of her late grandfather and his orchestra that I came across at the family cabin.  I got permission to mail the artifact to her and sadly, it broke in half somewhere along the way!!  I’ve dried my tears after hearing about that, and now I’d like to show you the card I made for her.

Remember the blog post I wrote about the Roneo Vickers tool set that used to belong to my grandpa?  I found one of several uses for it.  I’ll explain it with pictures.  I wanted to make Stacy a card that embraced her style and showcased some of her favorite musical artists.  We met through a common love for Depeche Mode and we share similar music tastes.  I made her an advent style card with seven doors to open.

I started by selecting some fun paper from DCWV’s Rock Star mat stack and cut the pieces to the proper size.  I adhered them to some scrap cardboard from the back of a tablet (Stacy will appreciate that I reuse and re-purpose things).  Then I selected pictures of her favorite bands that I found on the internet.  I printed one out in color for the card and another one in black and white to use as a guide.  I clipped the black and white print-out to the cardboard after deciding exactly where I wanted the pictures to end up.

The beginning of Stacy's card
The Beginning of Stacy's Card

Next, I selected a perforator tip from the Roneo Vickers tool set and used the plastic guide to mark the three edges along each picture so doors could be cut.  I don’t sew very often, but it reminded me of the tool one uses for marking darts on fabric for clothing.  I have one of those tools, but this tool was “pokier.”

Cutting Marks Created with the Roneo Vickers Set
Cutting Marks Created with the Roneo Vickers Set

Then I removed the black and white paper guide I’d made and used a metal ruler and a craft knife to cut the doors.  In hindsight, I would have stamped and embossed the card before cutting it, but I was making up the card as I went along.

Doors Cut and Read to Go
Doors Cut and Read to Go

I trimmed the front of the card down to the proper 5″ x 7″ size and carefully scored the backs of the doors where the cardboard would fold open.  Then I adhered the color picture page to the back of this.  I used my silver leafing pen to add silver and you can see the black faux stitching I added to connect the two papers together.  Next, I adhered the finished front to the card and embellished the card with ribbon, staples, brads and metal stickers.

Stacy's 2009 Birthday Card
Stacy's 2009 Birthday Card

I was so happy when Stacy received her card on time this afternoon!  She took a picture to share with friends and sent it to me for my bog.  Here is how it looked once the windows were open:

Stacy's Pop-Up Birthday Card - opened
Stacy's Pop-Up Birthday Card - opened

From left to right: Dead Can Dance, Io Echo, Depeche Mode on top and on the bottom: Kate Bush, Jackie Souders (her late grandfather), Kenna and She Wants Revenge.

I also made a video of me singing her “happy birthday,” but unless you’re a Facebook friend – sorry, you can’t see it.  😉

Tomorrow and Saturday I will be at the Scrapbook Expo in Puyallup.  I will take some video clips and if I can get a good montage, I will share it in a blog post next week.  Until then, thanks for reading my blog!

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  • Funny, I was going to drop you a line & see if you were going to the Expo this weekend. I wanted to — but I’m just so dang pregnant… I’m beyond the point of that much walking 🙁 Take lots of pictures & videos to share of the new cool stuff coming soon 😉

    PS: DCWV’s Rockstar stack is one of my faaaaaaaaavorites!

    • Hi Danielle! This is a post from last year. 🙂 I’m taking a break from shopping and expos this year and will probably make the rounds next year. I’m glad you love this paper, too! It’s super-fab! And I can’t believe we haven’t been able to get together since April 2010. I guess we should try again after the baby is here and you’re more comfortable. ((hugs))

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