Cards Inspired by Depeche Mode

Cards Inspired by Depeche Mode
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It’s no secret: Depeche Mode is my favorite band of all time.  I love their synthesizer, electronic and industrial sounds; Dave and Martin’s smooth vocals; Martin L. Gore’s brilliant lyrics – oh, and they’re not a bad-looking group of chaps, either!  It’s incredible how thirty years after they formed, they are still relevant and continue to create modern sounding music enjoyed by the masses.

Through the internet and Twitter, I have connected with some other passionate fans of Depeche Mode.  I don’t know if fans of other bands are the same as Depeche Mode’s fans, but let me tell you – some of the sweetest, kindest, coolest, thoughtful and truest friends of mine are fans I met through a common love for this band.  Depeche Mode brings people together in a really beautiful way and creates very special friendships.

As someone who enjoys making cards almost as much as I love music, it was only a question of time before I blended these two hobbies together.  Today’s blog post is to showcase the Depeche Mode inspired greeting cards I have made for friends in the last year.  I wasn’t sure when to write this post because I’ll probably make some more Depeche Mode cards next week, but I’ve decided today is the day to share what I’ve made so far.

Last year I made my friend Stacy a birthday card with a Depeche Mode twist.  This is one of the first pop-up cards I made and when she opened the card, the guys from the band sort of popped up.  Click any card for a close-up picture.

blog-Stacy Lynch 2009 Birthday

blog-Stacy's 2009 Depeche Mode birthday pop-up card

The next Depeche Mode card I made was for my friend Marina.  She had been injured in a very nasty car crash and was forced to wear a neck brace as she healed.  I wanted her to feel like she belonged, so I made her a card and put little neck braces on Dave, Martin and Andy (and puffed them out with foamy adhesive).  I used this picture because they were in a car, like Marina was.  I wrote “we feel you” sort of like Anton Corbijn‘s writing which became the font used on the “Violator” album.  Then, I lightly distressed the edges by smudging black ink on them to give it a rough we’ve-been-through-an-accident look.

blog-Depeche Mode We Feel You card

Inside Marina’s card is a pop-up of lead singer Dave Gahan.  I love cleverly working in Depeche Mode lyrics and song titles whenever possible, so Depeche fans will understand the way I worded what Dave is saying.  I have an autographed Depeche Mode poster and looked at Dave Gahan’s signature as I signed his name on the card.  If you’re reading this Marina – sorry to spoil it if you thought Dave signed it himself! 😉

blog-Inside of Marina's Dave Gahan card

Recently I was in Las Vegas to take some classes for real estate agents who are pursuing their CRS designation.  A friend told me that if I went to the Hard Rock Hotel, I could check to see if they still made Depeche Mode poker chips!  Wow, what a cool piece of memorabilia to take away!  I don’t gamble and I’m not comfortable in casinos, so my friend went with me and helped me find the right person to ask for chips. They had them and they were only $5 so I bought some for a friend and myself. When I shared a picture from my phone with my friends, some of them asked if I could pick up one or two for them. I was happy to get some more for them, so I returned a few days later to get more – plus I found the unmarked black leather jacket that four of the DM band members signed, so it was well worth returning!  I made cards to accompany the chips I was mailing.

Here are the cards, inspired by the Depeche Mode single “It’s No Good” and the fleur-de-lis magnets I bought at the Paris hotel.  The cards were for Sean, Leon, Missy and Dale:

blog-Depeche Mode It's All Good Cards

Here is one of the cards with the CD single.  I thought of turning the fleur-de-lis right side up since I was saying it was all good – kind of the opposite of the single, but I decided to leave it like the CD cover.

blog-Depeche Mode It's All Good Card and CD

While in Vegas, I found the fleur-de-lis shaped as a blinged out sticker, so I had to use that in Caresa’s card!

blog-It's All Good Bling Card

When I was out-of-town, my friend Leah had a birthday and I had an idea for a belated birthday card I would make her when I returned.  She LOVES Hello Kitty and Depeche Mode, so I drew a Hello Kitty wearing a Depeche Mode t-shirt and holding a cut-out rose from the cover of the Violator Kitty Depeche Mode Birthday Card

Here is a close up of my Miss Kitty drawing:

blog-Depeche Mode Hello Kitty

I came across some really cool fleur-de-lis tiny puffy stickers!  I wanted to make Amanda a special birthday card, so I used them on it and punched out a fun shape to showcase a picture of Dave Gahan, cut out in the same shape.  The card didn’t seem finished, so I added some gold liquid embossing fluid that didn’t come out as straight and perfect as I wanted – but it’s home-made so I guess imperfections are to be expected!blog-Dave Gahan Card

Finally, this is not a card but I thought I’d share a picture of the license plate and custom frame I had on my car for several years in the 1990’s – 2000’s.  If you’ve ever seen Dave Gahan solo or Depeche Mode play in Vancouver (B.C.), Seattle or Portland (OR), you may have seen this license plate.  I aways bring it to DM shows and I had it with me when I met the band in 2005.

My Depeche Mode "DEPMODE" license plate

My Depeche Mode “DEPMODE” license plate

Stacy and I met Depeche Mode in 2005!

Stacy and I met Depeche Mode in 2005!

Thanks for reading my post or at least looking at the cards – I appreciate all my readers!  If you have any comments, I’d love to hear from you.  🙂  VIVA DEPECHE!!

About Stephanie Chumbley

Growing up in the shadow of the Space Needle, I loved drawing portraits with a #2 pencil and sometimes a ballpoint pen because I liked the challenge. I collected pens and pencils and enjoyed looking at fonts and logos and replicating them by hand. I was in AP art classes in high school and took some graphic design classes at Seattle Central. While in college, I had a part-time job making signs for Drug Emporium / Longs Drugs with my "Steph Font." In my 20s, I made a lot of invitations for dinner parties and later, when I bought my Cricut Expression electronic cutter in 2008, I started making cards for all occasions. In 2009, I discovered Close to My Heart and enjoyed being my Consultant's best customer... but in May 2011, I finally gave in and became and Independent Consultant. It was a very good decision! :-) Nearly everything I make is given away or sold so others can enjoy some handmade art. I've made over 1,000 cards and projects and this blog serves as a way to share and hopefully inspire others to create projects of their own. Someday I hope to catch up and blog about all the cards I've made.

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  1. BRILLIANT!! These cards are so clever Stephanie, really! The neck braces?! And Hello Kitty?!?! LOL too super cute! Excellent design & execution!
    ((except the gold embossing fluid, but it would be seen as artsy if you just *didnt mention* you wanted it any other way, play it off – it looks good, maybe rough up some more areas…))
    Thanks so much for sharing, very cool!

    • Thank you so much, Angie!!! I think it’s so cool that we share a love of paper-crafts AND Depeche Mode. 🙂

  2. Wow, Stephanie! You are such a pro at cardmaking! I adore all of your ideas and love how you combine real life events with Depeche Mode to make them even more special. My new DM casino chip and original DM card are now my new prized posessions! I can’t thank you enough for both. Keep up the great work! … When I saw that pic of you with Depeche, I got a bit teary-eyed. You got to meet our boys! 🙂

    • Thanks for your comment, Caresa! I’m happy you enjoyed your special card and I really love my thank you card you made me. I save every card, so it’s here in my craft room. I just need a bigger bulletin board to pin cards to. Meeting DM in person was the most incredible, amazing thing that ever happened to me and I am so happy the radio station took a picture and sent it to us.

  3. You defintely have an eye for desiging cards. You are really creative! I especially liked the Hello Kitty/DM card. Too cute!
    So cool you got to meet the guys!

    • Thanks so much! I kind of want to make more Hello Kitty cards now – it seems like everyone likes her, too.

  4. Lol, I love the neck braces too. These are fun ways to add a “fan touch” to cards! Thanks for the ideas! …and yes, huge Hello Kitty fans at my house too (I’m one of them!)

    • Thank you so much! Glad I could make you LOL. 🙂 I think I should make a few different Hello Kitty cards for some of my HK fan friends.

  5. Very cool stories and card designs. You are very talented. All the Depeche Mode cards are beautifully designed with the purpose in mind. And you got to meet the band. Very cool!

    • Thank for your comment! Thanks to the internet, I finally know more DM fans and it’s fun to make DM-inspired cards for them. Yes, meeting DM was the most incredible thing ever – it makes my knees shake to think about it. 🙂

  6. Wow, these are too cool, Stephanie! You’ve taken “handmade” to the next level…these are so personal and special. I love all of them!! And thank you for inspiring me to listen to some DM tonight 🙂

    • You have good taste in music! 😉 Thanks for checkin’ out my cards! Will you be getting into making Incubus-inspired cards for friends?

  7. Just came across this by accident…looking for DM plate ideas..your cards are so cool…omg.
    Cheers to another DM devotee 🙂

    • I’m glad you stopped by! Thanks for the comment and I hope you come up with a cool DM license plate for your car. 🙂

  8. Like your Depeche Mode Ecards. I ended up here because I was doing a google search to see if I would be able to find a Depeche Mode Ecard. My son is having a birthday and I wanted to send him a Depeche Mode B-Card. His favorite band is Depeche Mode. Do you sell the Depeche Mode Ecards?

    • Thank you so much! Did you find any Depeche Mode e-cards? I don’t think I have seen one out there before – probably because of licensing and copyright issues. I do not sell any of my cards – I just make them for friends, clients and family members for fun. I would be happy to make a card and sell it, but I do not design (electronic) e-cards – just the old-fashion handmade cards made from paper. 😉

  9. hi,
    my name is rachel and i found your site by chance. i’m a DM fan and i was wondering how to buy your cards ?
    i really like the fleur de lys, i have it tattooed in the same way as the “it’s no good” cover. would love to get a card, do you do posters??
    anyway, please let me know whenever you can get back to me.
    all the best

    • Hi Rachel! Thanks for stumbling upon my website. I have several more Depeche Mode cards to reveal (with a SOTU flavor) in some upcoming blog posts. I’d love to see your tattoo – it sounds perfect! I would be happy to talk with you about making a custom card for you. Please email me at: dawsondesigns (at) gmail (dot) com and we can discuss it there. As for posters? Hmm, I’m sure anything is possible but nope, I have not made a poster before.

    • Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words, Elyse! It’s fun to meet a fellow DM Devotee – thank you for stopping by and checking out some of my DM cards. I hope you saw the others on the other pages (select the Depeche Mode category on my blog). Cheers!

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