How to Cut Felt Without Scissors

How to Cut Felt Without Scissors
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I love helping others and solving problems when people ask for my help.  So, when my sister-in-law told me she was tired of tracing and hand-cutting felt flowers and cupcakes over and over for her adorable hair accessories (Millie’s Bows), I wanted to help.  She asked to borrow one of my paper punches but it didn’t work with felt.  I remembered one of the times I went to Impress Rubber Stamps‘ flagship Tukwila store and was shown samples of cut “special” wool felt made for paper-crafts.  It was shaped like a heart and someone had cut the shape with a Spellbinders Nestabilities die.  Soon, I was on a mission to find out if regular craft felt could be cut with my Cuttlebug.

I only had square-shaped Spellbinders dies, so when I attended the Heirloom show, I bought a set of floral dies so I could make a useful sample for my sister-in-law.  I searched YouTube and Google and could not find an answer to my question: “What kind of sandwich recipe do I need to cut felt in my Cuttlebug?”  That may sound funny if you’re not familiar with cutting & embossing machines.  A sandwich is the order in which certain cutting plates and cutting dies are “sandwiched” together before being run through the machine.  My Cuttlebug could break if I got the sandwich wrong and forced it to go through the machine, so I wanted to carefully select the right sandwich.

I asked my Twitter universe to help me, and one of them came to my rescue!  She found a blog post with a sandwich recipe for me.  I tried it and it worked!  Success at last.  I made a video to demonstrate how it’s done and I wrote this blog post so others can find this and get the help they’re looking for when they have a question about how to cut felt with Spellbinders in a Cuttlebug.

Here is the video, and below is the card I made with the felt shapes I cut:

This is the recipe for the felt sandwich, as demonstrated in my video.  First lay down the “A” plate, one Spellbinders Enlarged Embossing Pad, a piece of scrap cardboard, “B” plate, your Spellbinders Nestabilities die (cutting side up), craft felt cut to size, then a final “B” plate:

Cuttlebug sandwich for cutting felt

Cuttlebug sandwich for cutting felt

Here is the card I made.  I only had red felt in the house because it was leftover from an old craft project ~ I made some bean-bag Santas… don’t ask.  🙂

Card I made with cut felt

Card I made with cut felt

And finally, here is a close-up of the flower shapes.  I stuck them together with a plain large brad and covered the brad with a sweet yellow floral gem my other sister-in-law gave me.  I suppose I could have adhered the flower to the card by piercing the card with my brad but I used glue dots.

Felt flower

Felt flower

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    • Oh no, the felt would really stick to my cutting mat, making it less sticky and all the fibers would be left behind on the mat (unlike paper) and ruin it. I wouldn’t dare cut felt on my Cricut! 🙂

  1. Hi there,

    I am new to all this but I really need some advice before I buy a cuttlebug or maybe a Cricut!

    I make a lot of buntings and am currently looking to make some Christmas ones on mass. Therefore I need a machine that will cut out the letters M,E,R,R,Y etc etc about 2×2 inches in felt but I have no idea how these machines work and which to buy. Please can someone assist me as at present I am cutting these out by hand and it is driving me insane!

    Thank you!

    • Oh no – please stop cutting the letters out by hand, yikes! I feel so bad for you. I would highly suggest you look at the Cricut. It’s a die-cutting machine that comes in a few different price points, depending on the additional features you need. The Cricut will only cut letters your purchase by buying different alphabet or shape cartridges. There are some after-market computer desktop programs that will work with the Cricut Expression that *may* allow you to cut custom letters, but I think hacking your machine will void the warranty. I think you’ll be amazed with the beautiful alphabet selections. I use my Cuttlebug for embossing and sometimes cutting plus embossing the same shape. For cutting a lot of letters though, you need a die-cutting machine and the Cricut is an affordable way to go, compared to some other machines. I hope this helps!

    • Hi! I’m using regular ol’ cheap felt from the craft store. It sounds like you may need to shim your felt “sandwich” and add some cardboard to add more pressure. I save boxes from Lean Cuisine or junk mail post cards for this purpose. I hope you’ve already figured out a fix for this!

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