A Mother’s Day Corsage Made with Paper!

A Mother’s Day Corsage Made with Paper!
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I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  If you are in the Seattle area, like me, you were probably outdoors enjoying a rare sunny and warm Mother’s Day.  It was beautiful!

In a recent blog post, I showed a picture of the cards I made at a friend’s house.  I purposely did not show a close-up of the paper flower I created because my family reads my blog (thank you!) and I knew I would turn it into a gift for my mom.  I didn’t want her to see much of the flower before she received it as a gift.  For the last however many years, I have ordered a fresh corsage for my mom for Mother’s Day – and each year the price seems to increase by 50%!  After making the a beautiful paper flower at Terry’s house, I decided I would embellish it and use it for her corsage.

The paper flower was made with white cardstock, the holiday ornament paper punch that Stampin Up sells, a sponge and a soft pink ink pad, a wide paintbrush, a skinny paintbrush, a marker, and a stylus.  In order to turn this into a Mother’s Day corsage, I cut leaves from green paper using my Cricut Expressions machine and attached them to the back.  I added in a few more “petals,” and then misted everything lightly with Smooch Spritz (a glimmery, shimmery champagne colored liquid).  I attached lace and ribbon to the back with Glue Dots and tape, and added a safety-pin with a ribbon remnant.  Then, I packaged it the way a florist would have (using what I had) and delivered it to my Mom Sunday morning.

Paper Floral Corsage

Paper Floral Corsage

She really enjoyed the corsage I gave her Sunday morning!  I wanted to spray it with some rose-scented perfume I have, but there are a few ladies in our church with allergies and so we are not allowed to wear fragrances or scented hand-lotion to the building.  Not only would the perfume bother them, it might give my mom a headache since it would be just below her nose all day.  So, if you make one, I’d suggest you think twice before misting it with a scent.

Here is the card I made for Mom.  Christine David just taught me how easy it was to make a layered flower with paper, so I cute several flower shapes with my Cricut Expressions machine and made this 3-dimensional card for Mom.  It’s a good thing I didn’t have to mail it because I don’t think the flower would survive the mail.  I embellished the card with some pretty new stickers from Close to My Heart (CTMH), and created a little “You are loved” pop-up heart as a surprise for when she opened the card.

Mom's 2010 Mother's Day Card

Mom’s 2010 Mother’s Day Card

Here is a picture of the corsage, card, and envelope I made for Mom:

Mother's Day 2010

Mother’s Day 2010

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  1. Oh, So lovely!! What a beautiful creation for your mom! I bet she got compliments galore at church! Well Done 🙂

    • Thanks, Angie! Yes, I think the corsage was enjoyed by the other ladies. Mom is one of the few who sports a corsage on Mother’s Day – I don’t see a lot of Mom’s wearing them. I just hope my Mom didn’t feel her corsage was inferior to those with *real* floral corsages. 🙂

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