I Have Great Friends… and a Laser Gun!

I Have Great Friends… and a Laser Gun!
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For my birthday a few months ago, my very good friend Rebecca researched and ordered a Scotch ATG 714 Adhesive Applicator.  What kind of name is that and what is it, you ask?  It basically looks like a giant laser gun that magically dispenses craft adhesive used to adhere paper together.  I first saw it in my friend Christine David‘s card-making video and it kind of freaked me out as this giant tape gun thing came into the camera’s view.  Check out frames 4:10 – 4:21 – yikes! 🙂  Fortunately, I was able to get past the giant adhesive runner and made my own version of Christine’s beautiful card with her helpful tutorial.     

Rebecca ordered the adhesive runner machine for me back in January or early February and kept getting back order notices.  I was delighted to finally receive it on Monday, April 5th!  Since I knew this was coming, I didn’t sweat it when I ran low on adhesive for my Dotto, Xyron & Scrapbook Adhesives adhesive runners.  But as the weeks drew on, I had to buy more and more adhesive refills because I make a lot of cards.  I ran out of adhesive again and had switched to Aleen’s Original Tacky Glue – which is a great product… but not ideal for adhering paper to paper!     

I was so excited when I received this yesterday:     

Scotch ATG 714

Scotch ATG 714


It’s HUGE!! It’s nothing like I’ve ever used before, so I wanted to compare it with my favorite adhesive runner.  This is the handheld size I am most familiar with.  I’ve also added a quarter to illustrate the size:     

Xyron vs. Scotch ATG 714

Xyron vs. Scotch ATG 714


Do any of you crafters reading this use the ATG?  I’ve heard adhesive is really affordable and I may be able to buy some from Christine because it did not come with adhesive.  I probably only need one cartridge, as it could probably last a lifetime, looking at the size of this.     

While I was happy to have my new adhesive runner laser gun, I was disappointed not to have any adhesive in the house… so I was really excited when Jake brought home the mail and I saw what was in a box addressed to me!  I remember saying, “I didn’t order anything from JoAnn’s….” just before opening the box.  When I saw the contents, I knew exactly what this was all about!  Through Twitter I’ve met some incredible people and Kim with Today’s Creative Blog is one of them.      

Kim and I have interacted through Twitter and when she said she needed help designing her business card, I asked if I could help.  We worked together to come up with a business card and I referred her to my favorite business card printer, Nicholas John Creative.  Kim asked me what I charged for my graphic design services and I explained I was just happy to help a friend.   I suggested she send me some adhesive for my Xyron since I was out – but I wasn’t actually expecting her to send anything.  Well, here’s what she sent me!     

DCWV Taj Mahal Stack, Xyron Adhesive

Gifts from Kim


I now have 4 Xyron refill cartridges and some GORGEOUS card-making patterned cardstock from Die Cuts With a View (DCWV).  I feel a “thank you” card comin’ on!!  Thank you so much, Kim.  You really went overboard with this and I will surely put it all to good use!     

Please check out Today’s Creative Blog, and Kim has also set it up on Facebook if that’s easier for you.  While you’re at it, you’ll also want to look at Christine David’s website, Create with Christine.

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  1. OMG, my upline uses that huge tape gun and keeps telling me that it’s the best thing and so cheap. I just can’t see myself using it…it’s so big! You’ll have to tell me what you think!

  2. I’m a little concerned I may smack myself in the face when using it – it’s SOOOO big! I’ll let you know what I think after I get some “ammo” for it.

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